A Floral Top For All Seasons!

Floral Top styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna Denaye
Hey babes! I don't have enough hours in the day to sit down and blast out creative posts for you all!! I hope that by me sharing outfits with you on MWF each week that is keeps you coming back!!
I have always posted my outfits in posts 3 times per week, with the occasional set back related to travel! I have also created some content for you all that is sustainable and helpful out side of just a quick ootd!! My goal is to bring more content to you all!! I just don't have a ton of down time, if blogging was a full time job for me, I would make content a priority, but since my career is in Nursing and I have a family to be attentive to and responsibilities around my house and in my personal life  my blog OOTDs are all I can provide at this moment in time! I do make time for what is important and if I am working with a company you will all see that, that post will have more content. I really want every post to be something other than a simple OOTD, I just need money to grow on trees so I can pick from my money tree and all my bills and financial obligations will be taken care of while I curate content... (LOL) Once and if I am able to blog full time I will do just that... create content every post.  I have a girlfriend that is able to blog full time and live out her dream and I hope to do just that too!! Blogging is really all about opportunities and the people you meet! There are so many opportunities out there, and I want to pursue them all. I just have a financial obligation on the home front that prevents me from being able to quit and just blog in the hopes that money will come and I will be able to make ends meet. (one day!!)

My girlfriend was able to quit her full time job after she was bombarded with work, so she had financial stability that basically was enough for her to quit her full time job and pursue blogging. Right now I am doing both in hopes blogging will be my number one!! 
So in the mean time,
I figure my posts 3 times a week is better than one post a month with content! I prefer the OOTD's over once a month, so that is what I will keep doing for now.