31 facts about me for my 31st Birthday

Hi babes and happy Monday!  My 31st Birthday was on August 9th, and in honor of turning the big 3-1, I’m going to share 31 fun facts about me you may not know ! I had all of my posts planned while I was away in Europe for a month and had this one planned for my birthday and failed to schedule them. So here we go, better late than never!

  1. I get asked all the time on Instagram how tall I am and people are often surprised when I tell them I’m  5″3!  Yep, I’m a shortie.
2.  I've been asked before where I came from... I’m Lithuanian/ Greek. I want to do the Ancestry DNA to find out exactly what I am, instead of going off of what I hear I am. I know I am a mix but it would be neat to find out the percentages. ( I am superstitious so, I don't know if I trust someone with my DNA- I have this theory that they will place me in some weird data bank of people, and use my heritage against me) LOL- weirdo
3.  Chris and I have been together for almost 3 years!  Our Dating Anniversary is September 26th 2015.  
4.  I have a Big brother Ian, and we’re 3 years a part.
5.  I have a Degree in Nursing, and have thought about going back to get my NP or CRNA, and honestly I don't like school. I was never a great student. I plan to do the beauty route with Nursing soon, such as Nurse Esthetician. (give me all the Botox)
6.  I hate cooking, I would pay a chef or buy my meals every single meal of the day. I can follow a recipe and I can cook, I just don't enjoy it. ( I wish I was more like my mom in this area of being domestic)
7.  I’m obsessed with animals, I wanted to be a veterinarian, but once my mom told me I would have to put animals down, I couldn't do it. I thought putting people down would be much easier. (yikes)
8.  Growing up I was a huge tom boy, I look back at pictures and cringe at some of the things I wore. I wanted to be just like my brother growing up, I lived in my soccer shorts and baggy t-shirts. (my style was hideous)
9. My obsession with fashion came about my freshman year of Jr. High. I went through fazes of wearing nothing but American Eagle, then all Express, then all Hollister etc. I became a label snob. 
10. I love the out doors, I grew up running around outside all of the time. Biking, hiking, roller blading, I spent as much time outside and away from home as I could. 
11.  Sandwiches and Coffee are my two vices. I am seriously obsessed with sandwich shops and coffee shops. I love Schlotzkis for sandwiches and I love me some stars. Peets coffee is bomb but there aren't any close to home. ( so Starbucks it is)
12.  I am not a huge drinker... I love to go to BBQ's and concerts and outings and the number one thing I struggle with finding is a beverage to drink. I prefer my beverage to be strong but sweet enough that I cant taste the liquor. So since that limits me I tend to drink canned wines, spritzers and only some beers. I do have to say there are not a whole lot of places that can accommodate my picky taste. So I often don't drink. (since I will get asked- I like the any canned wines(rose), I like Mikes Hard Lemonade, Apricot blonde beer, the New Bud light Orange, Chris and I make an Arnold Palmer I love, Shandy, Red Beer, Mimosa's, Champagne) Super Picky
13. My favorite color has always been green for as long as I can remember. I just remember people complimenting me on how green my eyes were when I wore green, so I came to love the color more and more. Now, I tend to wear a ton of black/white/pink so it may be changing. I haven't worn green in a while.
14.  I traveled to London, Paris, Jamaica, St Lucia, all over Mexico, Greece and I hope many more. My first trip to Europe was before the Y2K, St Lucia was my favorite beach vacation. Jamaica was my longest beach vacation. I loved Mexico and now I am cautious about going back. Greece is part of my blood line and this July was my first trip there.
15.  Chris and I haven't taken a beach vacation, we have been to Chicago multiple times, Boston, North Carolina for trips. (I hope after this year, our vacationing picks up- his oldest is off to college and his youngest isn't playing basket ball any more so Chris doesn't have to coach- which consumed his time) 
16.  Chris and I went to 28 Concerts Summer of 2016. We went to 3 in a week at times. Before I met Chris I was at sporting events all the time- Such as the Rockies or the Broncos. So concerts became our thing. 
17.  People may not know this about me, but I do have a Jordan Sneaker collection that Started when Chris and I started dating. I have always loved sneakers, but I took the plunge and started investing in collector sneakers. 
18.  We have 3 French Bull dogs! Hercules (fawn) 5-15-15, Moose (blue) 3-2-16, Tank (rotty) 5-31-17. I of course want a 4th and now I feel like we are missing our opportunity since our pups are all a year a part. These dogs are so expensive and they are a handful. This is the first time I have ever purchased a dog from a breeder. I have always adopted. 
19.  Growing up I was a cheerleader and I travelled for cheer. I was on an All-Star team. I never tried out for the High School till my Senior Year since I was so busy with the All-Stars. I also ran track, was in gymnastics, loved my soccer, tried dance for a little bit then I was too busy really with everything else I stopped going. (I still to this day don't know what ever came of that hip-hop dance class)
20.  I love to mix high and low-end pieces.  That’s why you’ll catch me rocking a $10 dress from Old Navy and my Gucci belt,  because life’s all about balance and I am all for affordable pieces with designer touches. 
21.  In case some of you don't already know, I am a Registered Nurse. I work in the Intensive Care Unit. 
22.  My first car was a Kia- Rio, I had nothing electric in this car. I had roll up windows no power anything, look how far I have come! I ran that car into the ground. I drove it till it no longer started. 
23.  I plan to hike as many if not all of the fourteeners in Colorado. I currently have only hiked four and those were in the same month over 3 years ago. Chris isn't a huge hiker so I have to find someone to go hiking with. 
24.  I grew up skiing and taking lessons with skiing and got really good with that then wanted to be like my brother, go figure and he snowboarded so I rented a board and he took me up one day not knowing a thing and here I am a snowboarder. I get better and braver every time I am on my board.
25.  Chris and I have lived together since we met! I was paying a mortgage on my house and he was paying one on his, however I never went home. I eventually sold my house and fully moved in. 
26.  I love going Stand up paddle boarding. I seriously want to get good enough to do yoga on my board. 
27.  I can’t live without my planner.  I’ve tried to manage my calendar and to-do’s with online tools, but I always go back to pen and paper.  I feel so much better when I write everything down! I love to make lists and be able to cross things off to see how accomplished I am. When those things that get done get crossed off I re-write my list since I am OCD and want a clean to do list. 
28. People may not know this, but I don't know my biological dad. (It is better that way) I am adopted from a wonderful man and he is the only dad I could ever want! The man I learned many of my morals and values from. 
29. I am a Christian, I was saved at Praise in the Park before I was a teenager. I was baptized shortly after. 
30. I have seen over a dozen Christian concerts, and let me tell you they put on one heck of a performance. 
31.  Many of you may not know, I was once married to my middle school sweet heart. I still have yet to tell my story about my divorce, I just want to protect his family and part of me still wants to protect him. There are two sides to every story and you all would only hear my side, despite every thing I have been though I forgive him and pray every day for grace and guidance. ( I have told you all I would share my story and I just want to make sure it is right)