Denim Overalls a good day and the most FAQ

Denim Overalls styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna Denaye

Today I am sharing with you my most Frequently Asked Questions!!

I have always been an open book, and I am willing to share anything with most anyone, with in a means. I just typically do it on my own time. 

Who do you go though for your web design?
I have purchased my templates through Etsy.
I also have hired some help with redesigning my site! I have been working with her since Dec 2017, and I hope to launch soon!! 

You can shop some templates here:

How do you learn how to do SEO?
I have a general idea, how ever I have hired help for my SEO, since I haven't mastered it just yet.
If you decide to use Clem let her know I sent you!!

Do you have any one helping you, or an assistant?
I do have a social media helper! She is the best!! She helps me preset my photos and post them to Instagram. I needed help getting my posts up to Instagram daily, since I am getting content on my blog and working my full time job, I needed someone to just take over my Instagram. We have an awesome system. We use Planoly to plan my feed, I send her the images that I want to use, the images are set with my preset, then the captions are all planned out in advance. I look over the plan, if there are any captions I don't like, I will edit them, if the order is something I don't like I will move the images around. I pretty much told my boss babe what I wanted and she executes it daily!! I don't want to share her name here, since I have not asked to reveal her identity. 

Advice for new bloggers?
I have a whole blog post about this, you can read it here
I would just say be consistent, engage with everyone that encounters you, and stay active on stories! (this I lack, because I am glued to my computer trying to compose content and edit etc for my weeks worth of blog posts as well as be present with my family.)

Who takes your photos? 
Currently my step-son, Bae refuses to take my photos. He can't stand it. Other wise if I want a professional- I would shoot with Jenna Sparks Photography- she is da best!!

Do you edit your photos? 
yes and no... I don't edit them, I do place a preset on them for Instagram and now have started to use that same preset for my blog.

How often do you shoot?
I typically shoot every weekend that we have the little (he isn't so little any more... he is 14 years old now)If we don't have him or he is staying at a friends or something, I skip that weekend! I have gone 4 weekends without shooting thats about 2 normal months since we have him every other weekend.

How many outfits do you shoot at a time?
We typically shoot 12-15 outfits. When I am with jenna the most I have shot with her is 13 in a 3 hour session with her. By the time I am towards my last few outfits with her I am so over it, because I have to change in my car. It literally is like the equivalent to being hangry, that is the only way for me to describe it. When I am shooting with the little, we are at home and I literally change and go outside and he shoots along side the house. Sometimes we will load up the car and shoot on location at a park or at my favorite pink rock wall, and I am more at ease with changing in the car with him, because I am not on a time limit. I am not paying him for his time, I am paying him per outfit. 

How much do you spend on photography?
I don't know Jennas rates,  I just know what she charges me. I would hate to say a figure and she not charge everyone that same price.

as far as the little guy, he gets paid in products or things- for example, if he wants Xbox live for 6 months I go buy the card for him to have that. If he wants to go shopping fo clothes I buy them for him. He has had a shopping spree for clothing, xbox cards, shoes, privileges. Shooting is like a chore for him, he gets rewarded for doing it!

How often do you pitch to brands? 
I haven't pitched to any brands this year!! I have focused on really creating consistent content, good useful content and really structuring what I want with my blog.

How do you choose who to collaborate with ?
I get dms and emails daily, from brands that want to work with me or send me products. I dont mind companies sending me products, however I dont want to feel pressured or obligated to post about something that I haven't tried or haven't been given time to try and or review. I want to only share products I love or enjoy or that fit with my following. I dont want to be advertising a bunch of stuff that doesn't relate to me at all. I am picky, I don't want to flood my page with things that make you all question if I a being honest or being paid. On that note as well, I am trying to do sponsored posts not free of charge and if they are, the company and I's values really line up. I don't want to create content for companies for free, unless it is a company I am dying to work with! 

Do you shop from any curvy girl websites?
Old Navy, Asos, American Eagle, Target, Nordstrom, Forever21

What is/are your sizes?
I don't have exact measurements
Height- 5 ft 3 in
Weight- uncertain- 
Bust-  34/36 F
Waist- 29-31 
Hips- maybe 41
Shoes- 7.5 
( I do wear some kid shoes in Jordans and sneakers)

Brands are all different:
Old Navy- I can wear Small-Large depends on what the piece is.

American Eagle- I tend to wear mediums and bottoms I wear 8-10

Nordstrom- it depends on the brand. Leith- Medium, Lush-Medium, Caslon-Medium, Free People- Medium, I wear some smalls and some larges from Nordys as well.

Target- This varies with brand as well. A new day- Medium, Universal Thread- Large, Xhilaration- Small, Mossimo- Small

Express- I can wear Small to large and size 8-10 pants

Hudson- I wear 29 pants and 30 shorts

If there are other brands you want to know about let me know!! These are just a few that were mentioned. 

If you have any other questions be sure to comment below or slide into my Dm's on Instagram and I would be glad to answer them for you all!!
 As always thanks for helping me provide content for you all to read! 

Denim Overalls styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna DenayeDenim Overalls styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna DenayeDenim Overalls styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna DenayeDenim Overalls styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna DenayeDenim Overalls styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna DenayeDenim Overalls styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna DenayeDenim Overalls styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna Denaye

Denim Overalls - I am wearing a size large, my top is sold out I am wearing a medium- I have linked a similar one, my shoes- I am wearing size 7.5, my bangle, my earrings, my necklacemy watchmy ringmy bracelet