Mothers Day Gift Guide: 6 perfect gift ideas for the Mom that has everything

Mothers Day Gift Guide featured by popular Denver style blogger, Delayna Denaye

Hey babes!! I was asked to put together a Mothers Day gift guide of what I would buy my mom. Honestly my mom doesn't like gifts. My mom always says " I don't need anything", or "just get me a card" these are her famous words. If I don't get my mom anything I won't hear the end of it, I am sure it will bite me somewhere down the road, plus you should always gift your mom with something on the special Mother's Day. 
Your mom brought you into the world and helped you get to this far in life, so the least you can do is shower her with gifts or love!!

My mom is hard to shop for, for all holidays. She has everything she needs and doesn't like a whole lot of foo foo things. My mom doesn't like clothes, or gift cards, or perfume, she doesn't wear a whole lot of jewelry and if she does she buys it, she doesn't like manis or pedis, she doesn't like massages. My mom is tough to shop for. She is a self made, very particular and very low maintenance kind of women. My mom makes almost everything she needs from scratch, my mom wears the same clothes that she has had for years, she doesn't have the need to shop for new things when she has what she needs, my mom doesn't like spa days because she can do all of these things on her own at her house. 
I on the other hand am completely different! I love it all, sure I can do my own manis and pedis with my own gel light at my house, but that takes the fun out of being taken care of. My mom is a minimalist. I wish I was able to be, but I love to shop and I love pampering and luxury. 

Shopping for a minimalist mother is complicated. I have to buy things that she won't just store but will enjoy or use.

This year, my mom will get flowers as she always does, and an Amazon Gift card, so she can buy whatever she wants. 

I have shown 6 things you can get for your Mom for Mother's Day!!


1. Flowers that will last her till the next Mother's Day. Now these are an investment, but super gorgeous. You can customize the box that the flowers come in as well as the flower color. 

2. A bottle of her favorite wine!! This is always a yes with my mom!

3. A personalized piece of jewelry that she can be reminded of you! 

4. Slippers, because every mom needs a good pair of slippers to wear around.

5. A robe!! I literally have lived in my robe and slippers the past two days, so these are a "yes"

6. A day at the Dry bar!! I think even my mom would go get this done!! My mom does her own hair, as do I but, it is awesome to go order a hair do and sip a mimosa at the same time!! 

I hope some of this Mother Day gift guide will help you! I struggle every holiday with my mom, especially on Mother's Day!