Striped Shirt & White Denim

Striped Shirt & White Denim by popular Denver style blogger Delayna Denaye

Hey to all of my babes!! I have a few more days till OPENING DAY FOR THE ROCKIES!! This is something I have done every year, whether I go with friends or now Bae and all of his friends. This is the one time a year that I get to be wild and free (what ever that means) back in the day prior to meeting Bae I would be a drinking queen from sun up till I passed out at a bar (not anything to be proud of) Now I go down and typically drink John Daily's or Champagne/ wine and watch everyone else around me act like foolios. I used to never even make it to the game and now that I am older and don't typically drink I am able to scalp tickets and make it to the game. 

I was never a partier in college, probably because I got married at such a young age and my life was all "married life" from 17/18 years old for almost a decade my life was spent with one person and I grew up super fast. It wasn't till I got divorced that I went out "clubbing" or dancing or let loose. I lived a pretty sheltered life growing up and that continued through my marriage. I like to think of Opening Day as the time I have been able to live my life and have a genuine good time with good people. Something I never was able to experience growing up or during my marriage. It is crazy how much our lives change and how much they change when you are with someone.

So needless to say, I am stoked for Friday!!

Many of you have asked about My past and my up bringing, I never have shared too many details about it because after all, it is my past for a reason.

I will share a brief little bit about my up bringing here:

I was born into a Military family. I like to say the Dad I call "Dad" is my biological father. He after all has been my dad since I was a baby. I was adopted by him, and he is all I know. I don't want to know my "sperm donor". My Mom left my "sperm donor" when I was a baby with my older brother to find a better life. My mom raised us the best that she could. The stories my mom has told me about mine and my brothers upbringing are so empowering and so sad. My mom is seriously GOLD! I like to say she is a Saint to for having gone through what she did to bring my brother and I on top. 

I honestly idolize my Mom and everything that she did for my brother and I. 
We never know how our marriages or our relationships are going to turn out, we can only control what is best for our selves and for others involved. 

My mom was a single mother raising the two of us small kiddos. We were brought up in Albuquerque NM in the projects. The stories my mom has told me are sickening. I am so glad we were able to get out. My mom was a full time worker, working to pay or childcare and taking us her two children on and off the bus every day since she didn't have a car, to get us to and from childcare. My brother and I would go to the food banks to collect food so we had food to eat. I can remember these moments still till this day. I can remember just what the food labels looked like back then. I remember having to mix a powder substance with water and this is what we called "Milk". We have come a long way. 

My mom left my brother and I's "sperm donor" because he chose drugs instead of his kids and his family. 

My mom worked her hands to the bone to get us the food, shelter and care that we needed! I will be forever grateful. 

It wasn't till my mom met my dad (the only dad I have ever known) The man that would soon become my Hero!! My mom and dad dated and eventually married- where my dad then decided to adopt my brother and I. I think this is so honorable, a young man willing to care for two young kids that aren't his own. I cant say there are many men out there willing to do that now days. 

Once my mom and dad were married this is when things started to get better. I like to think of my parents as the power couple. They have defied all odds, making it through several deployments, moves from state to state, and of course children. My parents have always displayed hard work, and with hard work good things reward you. I have never been handed anything from my parents, my parents of course will be there for me through thick and thin and have been, but they didn't raise any entitled, greedy kids. My dads job brought us to Colorado, which is why I am still here, and I haven't left.

I love to think of that song- WE STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM, NOW WERE HERE!~ Drake

My parents are living proof that hard work pays off. My parents were never given handouts. I have childhood stories from falling out of a 3 story high building and landing in rocks out front of an urgent care clinic- and the people in the urgent care locked their doors not allowing my mom to have her child seen, because they thought she was abusing me. The story was, my brother and I were playing hiding seek and I pushed the screen out of our building window and landed in the rocks below. My brother could hear me and couldn't find me, they remember it sounding like I was laughing. When I was found the clinic wouldn't let me mom in. This is just one example of how my mom was treated as a single mother and how she had to make light of every situation.  My moms own up bringing wasn't puppy dogs and rainbows either. My mom lost her parents at the age of 11 in a tragic car accident, forcing my mom to grow up on her own. My parents are both huge role models for me and both my biggest cheerleaders and both my heroes. 

I like to think I was raised in a strict, sheltered family but I cant complain. I had everything I needed growing up, and I have learned the importance of hard work, and discipline. 

I know appreciate nice things, and designer fashions, and nice vacations. I work for every bit of clothing or vacation I take. Times are so different now, parents work for their children to have everything. I have friends I went to high school with that asked for something and received what ever it was they wanted no questions asked. 

I wouldn't change anything from my past, as these things have made me who I am today. 

I think that it is safe to say now that I am older it is ok to have a drink or let loose every once in a while. 

I will save my marriage story for another time, this blog post has become a dang essay!

Thanks for reading my ramblings, and for those of you wanting to know where I came from and why I was so sheltered, there you go! 

I still haven't watched movies like the Goonies, or Pretty Women, or The Wizard of Oz. My brother and I played out side all of the time, so I never watched TV growing up, so when people quote old movies or ask if I have seen old movies I most likely say no, and this is why.

My brother and I could have serious issues, and have drug addictions and be huge trouble makers, but since my parents were so strict and sheltered us from so much of the bad we both made it out stronger and better than ever!

Answering some questions:

How many siblings do you have: I have one older brother- He is 3 years older. He is in the Air force, he married his beautiful wife (my sissy) and they had two beautiful boys.

Where did you grow up: I grew up I would say in Fort Collins, CO. I was only in NM being raised in the projects of Albuquerque till first grade.

What is your ethnicity: My last name is Greek, I call myself Greek. I used to say Lithuania because my Last name can be from there, but it wasn't till I was told we are Greek that I started saying Greek. I want to do an ancestry on myself to see what I am mixed with. 

Do you have any kids: No, I always wanted kids, but never cared enough about where they came from- meaning adoption, or someone else's. I am with a man that has two boys- one is about to be 20, and one is about to be 14! I call them and refer to them as my kids all the time.

Will you ever have kids of your own: I wish I could answer that. In the relationship that I am in currently, No! Bae is content with his two and doesn't want any more. When I was married I wanted to have kids, and we never got around to making that happen. At this point in my life I am content either way. I do wonder what it would be like to have my own creations, but I have all the love in the world for the two that we have! 

How many animals do you have: We have three French Bull dogs! Hercules (fawn), Moose, (blue) & Tank (Rotty). All boys! I am out numbered.

Did you play any sports: I did! I was a Cheerleader for an All Star team and the High School my Senior Year, gymnastics, Track.  I also enjoyed playing Soccer, and dance. 

Do you and your BF live together: We do! I sold my house and moved in to his house over 2 years ago. 

I never see you with family, do they not live close to you: No, my Brother is in Arizona, My parents live in North Carolina. All of my other family, cousins and aunts and uncles live through out the country. We all used to be really close, but obviously things change, so no more family reunions on either side of my parents families. Currently, bae and his two boys and his mom are the only family we have here in Colorado. 

That is all for now, if you have any other questions about my upbringing or past feel free to ask them below, so I can answer them. I haven't shared depth about my past with anyone further than this post unless your are a close friend or family. Somethings are just better left private or more intimate. I tried to give you a little glimpse of me and my past and where I came from. 

Striped Shirt & White Denim by popular Denver style blogger Delayna DenayeStriped Shirt & White Denim by popular Denver style blogger Delayna DenayeStriped Shirt & White Denim by popular Denver style blogger Delayna DenayeStriped Shirt & White Denim by popular Denver style blogger Delayna DenayeStriped Shirt & White Denim by popular Denver style blogger Delayna DenayeStriped Shirt & White Denim by popular Denver style blogger Delayna Denaye
Striped Shirt & White Denim by popular Denver style blogger Delayna DenayeStriped Shirt & White Denim by popular Denver style blogger Delayna DenayeStriped Shirt & White Denim by popular Denver style blogger Delayna Denaye
My striped shirt -I am wearing a medium, I will link a similar striped shirt here, my jeans- I am wearing a size 29, my heels- I am wearing a size 7.5, my bag, my cuff, my watch, my necklace