How I overcome the comparison game- My ballerina jacket

ballerina jacket  styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna Denaye

Happy Friday! WE made it through another week! I hope you all enjoyed a week of blogging tips, social media chatter and now how to deal with comparison!

be sure to scroll down to read about how I have dealt with comparison. I hope that you find some of my thoughts help you as well. After all it is all about supporting each other and carrying your self with class and take pride in what you are doing and success will come! There is no sense in getting caught up in other bloggers success, when it is just going to set you back. Keep working hard and putting your self out there. I have learned lots of market research is what it takes. Looking at what companies are looking for and do you fit that mold? If not, then there is no comparison! It is ok to be different and to have different sponsors. Just because everyone on the internet is being sponsored by a certain company and you aren't doesn't make you any less than those bloggers. They must fit the esthetic or the companies look or qualities they are looking to show case. I look at brands and would love to work with them, but sometimes my esthetic may not align with what campaigns they have going on right now, and that is ok.

ballerina jacket  styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna Denayeballerina jacket  styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna Denayeballerina jacket  styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna Denayeballerina jacket  styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna Denayeballerina jacket  styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna Denayeballerina jacket  styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna Denayeballerina jacket  styled by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna Denaye

Being in the ‘blogging’ industry and working a full time job is tough!! The blogging industry is  really saturated, competitive, and intimidating. When you are putting yourself out there the way we do, there are endless positives that come out of it. Inspiration, connection, business opportunities, friendships, etc. But what doesn’t get spoken about too much are the negatives. 
My blog started out as a way to keep track of what I would wear and to journal. I originally started back in 2010. Do to short comings with my marriage- I will share in a later post. I had to let my blog go! Unfortunately, that would have been my chance! (or so I still am kicking my self for) That was when blogs were first starting out and there wasn't a market for bloggers at all. It started out as a hobby and was solely for fun! 

Once I was in a healthy relationship, I was still following the bloggers that I followed when I first started in 2010 and watching them take off!! This fueled me, so now I wanted to start over! Little did I know starting over was going to be so challenging. In 2010 there weren't any rules, I would post a picture and other bloggers that are huge now would comment or like and we had a whole network of girls. Brands saw girls wearing their clothes and and saw that as an opportunity to market and boom...now it has become a massive and saturated business, and market place. 
I now share my everyday attire! I don't have a specific sense of style. I try to mix things that normally don't mix. "mixologist" Girly dress with edgy belt, casual dress with sneakers... lets be real, I love wearing dresses! I feel most comfortable in a dress! Now this is amazing, I can post a picture that is my simple outfit and tag all the companies involved in my outfit and let the magic happen.. If it happens. Some times it doesn't and when it does its amazing! ("It" referring to being reposted or the brand wanting to endorse or sponsor you) The more you post and keep with your style and keep your feed consistent, brands start to see your worth, you make SO many new friends, and you have people along side of you doing the same thing which is so helpful. 

Now for the comparison game... This blogger is prettier. This blogger has a bigger house. This blogger has more followers. This blogger worked with these brands. This blogger has a shop/e commerce. The comparing is truly endless. This can be depressing and this can people down a dark path of feeling rejected.
 What I have come to realize just recently is my blog is unique.  I don't know of any other bloggers that make a "1 piece 3 ways" I typically love searching for pieces and find my self grabbing pieces that cant be worn more than once... well not any more. I started to create a blog post called Style Triage with three outfits featuring one item worn three different ways. I am not like everyone else you see on the internet, I am different so there is nothing to compare. I just have to be proud of who I am and how far I have come. The goal is to not get trapped comparing your successes to other bloggers successes, instead praise them and pray your successes come! 

Social media has positives all around, but at the same time it does allow people to portray their lives however they want and only showcases the best moments. I remind my self that Instagram for some of the huge followed accounts, these bloggers have been grinding since the beginning and yeah they make millions or hundreds of thousands, and I can only hope to be there one day! Just keep slaying and in time goals will be accomplished! Think of Instagram as a vision board! Only peoples best moments are shared. It can be easy to get caught up in the false reality thinking that all of these bloggers you follow lives are so perfect, or that they poop glitter. No hunny... eat glitter for breakfast and you will shine all day!! Don't let the perfect Instagram feeds suck you in to the world of "my life is so boring compared to x y z's life" 
I can tell you, their reality is not their feed!! I know mine isn’t. I don’t get ready and dressed up in cute outfits every single day. I go through times of doubt, sorrow, stress, worry, anxiety. But am I going to always address that online? Probably not. A lot of it is personal and those are the things you don’t know are going on in people’s lives. People don't want to burden others with what is going on day to day. Most people want to share the highs not the lows in their lives. 

As far as trapping my mind into other bloggers growing faster than me or getting more sponsors etc. I’ve had to remind myself that I am proud of what I do. I’m proud of how far I’ve come so far. And the way that I’m looking at someone else’s success wishing I had, I’m sure there is someone looking at mine that way. Remind yourself that! The same goes for every single one of you!! You are your worst critic and biggest competition. You’ve done amazing things this far and it ain’t stopping!!

" I won't be bothered by her success"

This is one of my favorite quotes!
My ballerina jacket is no longer available, I wish it was I think every girl needs this blazer! here is a similar one. My Jeans I am wearing a 29, My heels are the 7.5 or 38, My bangle, my earrings, my watch, my ring