suede skirt with shaggy jacket

Happy Monday Babes! wow how the month has flown by!! I wanted to share my experience with you all with trying to get an assistant or should I say trying to get extra help with social media.

I have been asking around for extra help with posting on my Instagram account for a while now, so I could spend more of my time doing other things. I have found that I am able to do everything on my own as far as blogging is concerned- well everything but SEO since I have no clue what I am doing there, I have to have an expert help me with that!! I am able to shoot all of my content, and for the most part I don't edit any of my images. I just try not to take pictures of my self if I am having breakouts or bad hair days. So I plan out a handful of outfits, I shoot the outfits with my non-professional photographers (bae or his youngest kiddo) anything I learn on my camera I show them how to do on my camera to take pictures of me!! I don't have a clue how to edit pictures and quiet honestly I am not very enthusiastic about wanting to learn how to edit them. I am very unfiltered in my life so I don't want my images edited. If I was shooting with a professional photographer and they edited the photos I wouldn't stop them from making them look better with brightness or blemishes. I just personally don't have the time to spend on editing my images. 

so as of currently I am as you all know working full time at the hospital as an ICU nurse. On the Influencer side there is plenty of work to be done everyday. I cover the responsibilities of model, stylist, location scout, producer, writer, editor an learning how to shoot with my DLSR. Add on the social media- posting to instagram with Reward Style, curating the captions and all of the appropriate tags/ hashtags as well as making my instagram all look seamless (this has been my biggest challenge- since I don't edit or use filters, I don't have an eye for editing) I am in charge of collaborations, legal, financial duties and everything else there is plenty to keep me busy. My photographers are my better half or one of the kiddos- and when I can be on top of it I schedule a time with my favorite photographer in my area Jenna Sparks Photography.  Keep in mind I do all of this on my own currently all while having a full time corporate job, and a full time family.

I typically work 3-4 12 hour shifts- leaving me with little to no time to eat much less void while I am at work. On days I am at the hospital they are complete loss of time- I cant do much of anything due to exhaustion. My goal for this year is to try and balance a workout before or after my days at work! (this is almost impossible right now, due to exhaustion) 

A typical work day I wake up at 530 am get dresses and make sure I have my lunch and snacks packed if I haven't done them the night before. I make my coffee, make sure all three dogs are fed and watered, pack up and leave to work. I have about 30-40 minutes to travel to work, I typically talk to my mom during this time to get my day started. 
While at work I get my patient assignment, I claim my work station for the day and sit and get organized. I look up my patients and get report from the off going nurse. On some occasions I hit the floor running- this all depends on how busy or how sick my patients are. On other occasions I have time to get organized heat up my oatmeal and start my med pass by 8 or 9 am. I can never predict how my day is going to go white at work, so I try to stay ahead. I also try to pack snacks that don't typically need to be kept in a fridge so I can snack on the go. (this is my biggest problem- I cant eat great protein sources other than shakes or bars at work so I don't ever have the energy after work to work out) On another note, I am not a morning person, so waking up at 4am to hit the gym is not going to happen. I did that in my past and I don't know how I did it to be honest? That would be ideal is to wake up and hit the gym then to shower and head to work from the gym, but I have tried and it doesn't work these days. 

I think I know why that isn't working these days. I stay up till 12,1 or 2 am on most nights. I am a night owl. I have always stayed up late. so rising early has always been terrible for me. I have a hard time sleeping like normal people. I want to say a lot of it is from not being able to turn my brain off and from anxiety. I have terrible anxiety. I fear I won't wake up in time or I am anxious about what I have to get done the next day that I cant sleep. (if you are thinking, take a sleeping pill.. I won't do that either. I don't take medicine unless I am sick and even on those occasions its like pulling teeth to get me to medicate my self.) Lets just say I am stubborn and complicated. 

On my days off I typically wake up late because I stay up so late. So I wake up at about 9am then I make coffee and if I am working from home, I don't get dresses I stay in my pj's and set up my desk in the living room and I work. I get sucked in to my work too some days where I forget to eat. Other days I get side tracked and play with the dogs and lose focus if the TV is on or if my iTunes Radio is on. I will start watching a show or start singing the songs that are playing. I am human I have some of the same issues I am sure some of you have. I don't just wake up and feel inspired to make amazing content. 

After much talk with my better half about hiring help, he thought it was a silly idea since I am doing it all on my own right now. He doesn't see the point. I tried to have a girl help me with posting to social media for the last week and a half and it didn't work out. She was super adorable and I wanted it to work out so bad for me being able to back off and have more time to spend on my blog and other areas of creating. This became really time consuming and frustrating. I would make a google doc to share- having all of my photos and hashtags/tags and dates that certain photos had to be up by and she would have to create the caption and post making sure my appropriate tags were showing. This became a huge task and I am not sure why? I thought by me giving her everything this was easy, she literally had to create a caption and post to my instagram with the tags I had supplied to her. I was making more work for myself having to make separate documents and uploading all of my images to shared docs. Has anyone had success with a virtual assistant? I need some one to take over my instagram. I can give a list of things I need for my content since I am particular and the rest is up to you. My blog is my baby! I spend most of my time creating content here. I look at Instagram as a way to advertise my blog! If you know someone interested in helping me, please shoot me an email. If you have any ideas of how to make 

I hope one day I can make content full time and be creative like I want to be all day everyday. In a dream world I would work from home doing what I love and have an assistant that I could do everything with, workout, travel and be inspired with. 

My Top is one that I wear under most of my blazers and jackets. I am wearing a medium in this one. My Shag jacket is hard to come by. I am wearing the Large, but honestly the medium was no different in size. My Skirt is from Alterd State and I am wearing a Large. I love this skirt. I wish I purchased it in more than just two colors. My Booties I am wearing a size 7, I usually wear a 7-7.5 the only time I size down in shoes is when I chose to wear kid sizes or little boys shoes. My watch, my bracelet, my purse