How I transition my dress from Winter to Spring

Hey babes!! It is mid week and I have been transitioning my wardrobe to Spring slowly but surely. 
I live in Colorado, so of course we most likely will get snow till April... after all last year it snowed Till May. With the change in the world is the change in seasons. The seasons used to be so consistent here. I could have my clothes out for spring and summer and then my fall and winter clothes put away, and vice versa; but not any more. It is so often that it can be snowing then be bright sunny and in the 60s later on that day. So I guess I should say my closet is always transitioning. I typically wear light jackets all year round or cardigans. I typically wear dresses all year round as well. I wear jeans all year round with the exception to water events, or if I am going to be in direct sunlight for concerts or things. That all being said, I am pulling in some bright colors and peep toe booties to try and transition to warmer weather. I love this pink dress, I have worn it multiple times before on the blog. I own this dress in grey as well and wore it all last summer. It feels light a giant hoodie dress with out the hood. I will have this dress in one of my Style Triage posts come the end of the month or beginning of March. I love to make my pieces in my closet functional for multiple occasions if possible. I will put together a transition your wardrobe closet capsule for the changing season in March.

I transition my winter closet with bright colors and layers. I will make a whole post on this very soon.  This is a glimpse of how I transition for the warm weather in the winter time. 

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see more pictures and my sizing and outfit bio at the bottom.

My green jacket was purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, here is a similar green jacket. My dress I have seen in stores still but, it is no longer online. Here is a similar pink dress. My shoes, my purse, My stack Bracelets 1,2 and my Watch