Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!! Today is the best day of the year!! Well Aside from Easter!! I hope everyone is well! Today we will be having a family breakfast, fun games, laughter and more food. 
The plan is to cook cook cook, then eat, open presents, play games, NAP!

I typically don't wear red very often, it is normally for special occasion or events. I have a superstition about wearing red. It is weird. I bring out the red turtleneck for Christmas, and I usually wear it for the weekend.  I also don't think that red is a very flattering color on me, so I don't wear it often. What is everyone else doing this Holiday weekend? I would love to hear it!! I will link a similar red turtleneck if you need one in your holiday lineup! I have had this one for a year now! I purchased my red turtleneck from Jcrew last season. I hope everyone has a very Blessed and Happy Holiday Season! if you scroll down to the bottom of this post, you will see how I styled this red turtle neck another way! I also wrote about my gift guides- or lack there of and tried to answer a few questions about why I don't advertise every little sale on my blog. I get asked frequently how I don't get caught up in the sales of blogging and also why I don't blog about them like "everyone else" Some of my readers want guides and some like that my content isn't flooded with advertisement. I plan to make a happy medium and make both side of my readers happy. I am not a huge ad person my self, I don't like pop ups or commercials on the radio or on the TV (I don't watch live TV for this reason, and I don't listen to the Radio- only my own purchased music) So I keep that in mind, that not everyone likes being bombarded with advertisements and how annoying they an get. I didn't realize that some of my readers value my opinion on sales and want to see things that I would purchase as advice. I will work on bring some of those to you this coming year! Merry Christmas!

Bracelet 1,2

I wanted to share this post over the weekend as well, and as we all know.. The holidays are very busy and family is first! I love sharing my outfit posts and ideas with you all, but if this is something that has not been planned out before the holidays or before family is around, I unfortunately cant seem to squeeze in time. Or should I say don't like to blog over spending time with my family. If my blog was my only income and was a business and my livelihood I am sure I would be way more focused on making sure post were done over holidays and during family time, as this is what would be paying the bills. I am not like most other bloggers that dedicated the entire day to blogging and have no other job but to blog. I blog on my days off and get content shot ahead of time and pre-posted so that way you all have content to read on MWF every week. I love to Journal and take pictures, I love to dress up. I love to inspire others. The true reason I go though all of the time shooting and creating looks, is because not only is this a look book for my self, but also because so many people either from school growing up, or in college have always asked.. where did you get that top, you always have such cute clothes, this outfit is so cute, I would have never thought to style that- that way. Once I started getting more and more commendation, I decided to start making my photos more public and not just for my self.  I try to stay consistent for all of my readers to have content on MWF! I try to always have a new outfit on those days and the added bonus is on Wednesdays I do my Style Triage, and Fridays I will occasionally add in a fitness or food post! 

This coming year, I have been asked if I could participate in doing more gift guides and sales lists. I will try to focus on that for some of my readers wanting those. I am open to suggestions always- with in reason. 

I wanted to pop on here and let you all know/ explain why my blog may seem different than other fashion babes. I didn't go to school for business or marketing, so I am not a huge sales person when it comes to selling things, as well as, my readers trust is huge. I won't ever recommend something that I don't truly love because I don't want to lose my readers trust. When I share clothing, food, beauty, or anything for my family it normally means it is a product that I support. 

I don't want to be like everyone else posting the same pieces and the same sales, but since some of you have asked I will work on getting guides for this coming year!

I hope everyone enjoys this time with the ones you love! Merry Christmas!! Thanks for reading!