A favorite cardigan for fall & Keeping my kitchen clean

Hey all of my lovelies!! I love love this cardigan so I am sure you will be seeing this more than once! I only post three times a week so the other 4 days I do have repeat outfits!

This exact cardigan is by Treasure and Bond and unfortunately is sold out, I have linked a similar one! I will be sure to update you all if this comes back into stock. I feel like every I purchase something I go to link it and it is already sold out. 

On another note I wanted to share the Sponge Bath I have been using in my kitchen! This tub houses my sponge for the week soaking the sponge in a solution that is cleaning and killing all of the bacteria that may be on my sponge if it was just sitting out.

I wanted to share this post on Friday with my Cucumber salad recipe, since it would have been perfect for that post, however I have not grocery shopped for the ingredients for the salad and didn't have any one around to take my pictures of me prepping the salad.

SpongeBath stores your sponge in a natural cleaning solution that kills 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria, I change out the water and the cleaning solution once a week and no gross moldy stench!

The Cleaning solution is user friendly, with markings on the side of the bottle. This making it easy to measure out how much solution you need weekly!

  On the inside of the Sponge Bath there is a fill line, this tells you how far to fill the water! If you have a bigger sponge you may have to fill it more to make sure your sponge is fully submerged!

If you are like me and have decor on your counters, you may not mind the Sponge Bath sitting on the counter. If you want the bath to sit in your sink, there is a sink mount that you can use!

This bath is so clever, I love it, I hope that they come out with more colors to match kitchen interiors! I am one of those that I would want a stainless steel one to match my appliance!

I love the idea behind using a clean sponge overtime I am cleaning counters or dishes! You never think about spreading the bacteria on your sponge around on your plates and counter tops! Thanks to Sponge Bath I don't need to worry about that now!

Thank You to SpongeBath for allowing me to test and review your product! I love it!

No on to the details of this outfit! I have linked the items seen, or Similar pieces

Cardigan- Mine is Treasure & Bond (sold out)
Bracelets 1,2,3

Thanks to our youngest for taking my pictures!