1 Velvet Skirt 3 Ways (1P3W)

Hey Babes!! This is the first of my series that I am going to be doing! I am currently taking requests!! If there are pieces that you want to see styled three ways let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts. I know that the things I look for are how to make my clothing in to more outfits. I seem to always buy pieces that I can only wear once, so I decided that every time I do that I am going to make it in to three outfits. I want to feel better about what I am purchasing, I want to make sure that I have pieces that are versatile. I love this velvet skirt, and I have a few ways that I styled this piece!

Thank You all for reading!

Bracelets 1,2

Bracelets 1,2

Bracelets 1,2

Thanks to Dreamy for taking these pictures!