Peplum Utility Jacket

Hey babes!! I hope you are all doing well!! I loved this outfit but of course hate how I look in all of the pictures because I was so sick the day that I shot a handful of outfits so I of course am my own worst enemy and don't like how I look sick in all my pictures. I will shoot with this jacket some more so I can redeem my self lol

Have you ever done a photo shoot and you just hate how you look in all of the pictures! I honestly rescheduled this photo shoot so many times that I couldn't do it again, it was one thing after another. I had things happen and then getting sick. So pay attention to the outfit and not how my face looks.

I am still learning how to pose and look in front of a camera so bare with me, I am not a model! I love clothes and love fashion and so me sharing that with you is my goal not me looking like a model.

Thanks for reading!! 
Thanks to Jenna Sparks Photography for taking my photos when I was sick! You were such a trooper!

Bracelet- Mine is from The styled collection