Peplum Tank & My 1 year Blogiversary

Hey babes!! How are you all doing? I love this peplum tank it is so fun!! I had to pin it in the back because it runs so big.  I also love this wall behind me!! Such a fun wall! 

I can't decide, whether I like decorative walls or city limits or suburban landscapes in my pictures!!  I can't find a perfect location that I want my blog to be photographed as, if that makes sense! I want to try and stick with one theme but I like them all!

Today is the day that it is exactly 1 years since my very first blog post!! I can't believe that in one year I have learned so much and I have gained so many amazing friends through this community! I love that blogging has become my online journal or wardrobe diary!! I love to look back at the pictures and see what I wore a year ago and how my style was then! WOW! I have changed and have learned and have grown so much in just one year!!

I have to say, I am proud of what my blog has become! I am so excited to share my love for styling with you all and hope that I am able to give other hard working boss babes out there ideas for what to wear and how to style similar pieces!!

I will put together a separate post before this month ends on my Trials and Errors with blogging! Some secrets/ tips & tricks that may be helpful for those of you that are wanting to start a blog as well!!

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If you have any questions leave them below for a blogging 101 or Trials & Errors
I can't wait to share what has worked for me and what hasn't! I am by no means an expert blogger, I can just share with you the things I have done to better my self as a blogger and hope to share those with you as well!

That saying "You can lead a fish to water, but you can't make them swim!"

I can tell you my tips and its all how you utilize them for your self!

Thank you all for reading and continuing to follow along with my journey as a new blogger! I am still trying to figure it out and I have big ideas and big goals set for this coming year!!

Thanks to Jenna Sparks Photography for taking my photos

Tank (mine is sold out) another one here
My Bangles are all from  The Style Collection
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