My Year in Review! Thanks to all of you!!

Thanks to all of you for reading my posts and following me on my journey as a blogger! Thank You all for following me on all of my platforms as well, I love all of your continued support! 
You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, Snapchat and of course be sure to follow my blog by email so you get notified when I post something new! 

Thanks to Dreamy for taking my pictures when I don't want to pay a photographer! Thanks for putting up with my day shoot messes. Any blogger knows what I am talking about when I say this! I pick out all of my outfits and accessories and then when I am done shooting the house literally looks like a closet tornado! Of course after a shoot I don't want to pick anything up or put anything away. Thanks for putting up with me when it is so hot out and I get so mean when I have to change in a confined car. Thanks for putting up with the hanger when it sets in, we have run out of time- leaving some outfits behind with no photos.

Thanks to all of the brands that have sent me merchandise to test and try out. Thanks for allowing me to review and post behind your product, I appreciate the leap of faith. 

Thanks to all of my friends that have sacrificed girl time because I have needed blog time to get content posted or linked. (balance is what I am trying to work on) Find girlfriends that understand and support you no matter what!

Thank You to Annie Spano from Style Collective for being real with me and helping to put out great content that I can learn from, also thank you for allowing me to talk to you on a personal level. I can't wait to really sit down and get this blog where I want it to be this coming year. 

Thanks to the beautiful Sarah Tripp from Sassy Red Lipstick! Any time I have had a question she has been willing to help. Sarah is one of the more well known bloggers that I follow and she is one of the few that has given me the time of day and will respond to me. Sarah is all about helping others. 

Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to create a place that women could go for inspiration on what to wear on days away from work! I felt like when I wore scrubs for my job for 40 hours a week- it was so mindless and then on my days off I lived in Athleisure and dressed like a slob and I hated that I had a whole closet full of clothes and never wore them! I love to shop and love to stay on trend, and NEVER wore the clothes I purchased, when I lived in my house alone I utilized every closet for clothes! (THAT I NEVER WORE) Needless to say, I donated a ton of my wardrobe when I sold my house and moved in with Dreamy.

What goals do you have as a blogger?

Goals for my readers:

I hope to be able to inspire women to use the pieces in their wardrobe to put together multiple outfits, I hope to make outfits that are mindless and easy for women to recreate. I hope that if there are women out there that were like me, that had a closet full of clothes and had nothing to wear- I would be able to give insight as to how to put pieces together for simple everyday outfits. I tend to reach for the same pieces in my closet on my days off, so it challenges me to wear different pieces that I have. I hope to put out content that my readers recommend or suggest they want to see!

Goals as a blogger:
~Go to NYFW- be invited to big brand shows
~Have a paid collaboration
~Work with a big brand
~I would love to be on PR lists to receive and review products
~Create a guide with all of my outfits for readers to page through for outfit inspiration
~I would love to be featured in a local magazine (5280, Denver Style Magazine, 303 Magazine, Highlands Ranch magazine)
~Be featured in a style magazine (People Style, Elle, Instyle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Vogue, Bazaar, Seventeen, Glamour)
~It is a dream to blog full time, I would love to make a monthly income to grow and spread inspiration to all women!
~I would love to be part of Reward Style
~Continue to learn behind my camera for even better photos- I just started learning my camera- next learn how to edit photos- right now I set up my camera and have one of the boys take my photos and we don't edit them

My First Blog post: (be gentle- I am still learning)

I love the long vest trend, I actually want to re-create this look-

My First Sponsored Post:

I worked with Ford watches for my first collaboration on my blog!

I have learned so much about collaborations in the past year, I don't just do posts for just anyone for the sake of getting free merchandise, I do research about the company and if the company is in line with what my blog is about then I will work with them. I also won't do a collaboration of this magnitude for free. I had to do so much for this company and it was all for free, yes I was able to keep the watch, but to have so many posts on social media and 

My First Big Collaboration:

My first collaboration is in the works! I am able to be part of the opening of a NEW H&M store here in Colorado!! Stayed tuned to see the post all about it! I was given the opportunity prior to my 1 Year Blogiversary, how ever the post won't go live till next month!

First NYFW:

Overall I had the best time ever! I can't wait to grow this coming year and go back with the experience I have now. I hope to grow as an influencer and be given even more opportunities in Sept 2018! 

My Year in Pictures:

My First blog meet up:

I participated in a bloggers meet up with Denver Style Magazine, and I was able to meet the amazing local blogger Char! Her and I were able to go to Vert to do a post based on our experience with the spa services. We also both wrote 3 months of blog posts for the magazines website as contributors! I honestly wish I still did this! I did a theme where I did DIY for the magazine, which was so much fun and made me think out of the box!I was so nervous to go to any groups or blog 101 events alone, so I was so thrilled to do this and meet Char.

My First photographer:

One of the respiratory therapist that I used to work with has started taking pictures and wants to pursue photography full time, so I was able to shoot with her. Spenser is one of the sweetest little mamas I have ever met! She works the same hours I do at the hospital and has 2 young babies, and runs her photography business! I love her photos and love how she edits them, they are actually my favorite pictures on my blog, but I honestly can't afford to pay for a photographer at this point. I am not bringing in any income for my blog, everything I do is out of my own pocket, so I had to cut that cost and start to learn to do it on my own.

My First collective group:

I joined Style Collective, and it seriously was the best thing I have done for my blog! I wish I had more time to read the materials during the week, I have fallen behind. I was part of the launch of the new pod cast for SC and so was a regional Leader with another blogger here! Alyssa from Teddy Bears and Lipstick was too a RL and we over email planned this event together and became good friends. Being part of SC has given me opportunities to go to NYFW, meet amazing bloggers all around the world, and most of all has given me materials that have helped educated me on many very commonly asked questions about blogging. If you want to learn how to make your blog a full time job and start blogging your self, or if you want to network and meet up with amazing bloggers and be given amazing opportunities then be sure to join!!

Things that I am working on or am still learning:
1. Pray and Put God first! I have had to be patient and let God bring me to opportunity. I haven't had paid collaborations and haven't had huge opportunities, but when I do I will have God to thank for the.

2. Organization is key- I have a handful of apps I use to stay organized (expect a post on them soon)I make lists and cross through them the old fashioned way!! This is the best way for me, then I have papers all over the place from re-writing my todo lists!!

3. Time management and prioritizing! Mondays all day into the night, Tuesdays till about 5- then it is date night, Wed-Fri I work so I don't have any time to write blogs unless it is after my 12 hour shifts, so I don't ever plan to put content together on those nights. Sat and Sun I am with family and the kids so I try to be present and not spend my time on social media. I am trying to set and lead by example of not being on my phone with family is around. So I spend Mondays and Tuesdays blogging my booty off so I can get all of my content ready for the week, as well as all of my social media posts drafted for the week, so all I have to do is press post! Make a set schedule and stick with it! 

4. Plan Plan Plan- I plan all of my posts out, all of my outfits out, all of my shoots out.
working at the hospital I have expected hours and days that I have to work, so for right now this schedule is working. That doesn't mean that it won't change. 

5. Doing things that make you uncomfortable, I didn't want to do the DSM Contributor night along, but I did and I had great opportunities and met a dear friend!

6.When people make fun of you for blogging or judge you- let it fuel you! Working with a bunch of Nurses, I have had a lot of great feedback from the girls I work with saying that it is so awesome or that they love the pictures and my style, but then you get some of the older nurses that are very crotchety and want to bring you down. The opinions from negative people don't matter! Just keep doing you and let it fuel you to do better!

7. Find as many blogger groups or educational forums to be a part of! I love Style Collective, as well as Influenceher, and a new one that I have joined is Julie Solomon! I am always wanting to learn about blogging and how to make my page and content better! I want to be sure my content is easy to read and access! I want to learn how to impact as many people and help as many people as I can.

8. Make as many connections as possible! While I was in New York, I tried to hand out as many business cards and connect with as many brands as possible for possible future projects!

9. Be kind, and invest your time in your (my) readers! The more I comment back to readers and interact the more feedback I get and ultimately I am making content because it is what I love, but I also want my readers to be happy and stay inspired, so I love the feedback! 

10. Have fun, be inspired, stick to your roots, be yourself, stay authentic. Don't do what everyone else is doing! 

I am still learning and I can't wait to see what this year has to offer! I hope to learn lots from the handful of groups I am apart of and I hope to start making my blog be my full time baby!

Thank You all so so much!
Virtual hugs and kisses

Thanks to 
Spenser Photography
Britt Tucker Photography
Jenna Sparks Photography
CEBXT Photography

Over this past year I started with iPhone pictures in my front yard, then I went to the pros, and now I am teaching dreamy and our little how to use my camera to take them!