My Heart is wild for this dress

Happy Hump Day!! We are mid week, and of course yours truly is starting the work week! I still haven't decided if I like working my regular schedule of M/W/F or if I like working something different! I like being off when the kids aren't here, that allows me to get my blog errands done, and I enjoy having the weekend with the kids and Mc Dreamy
any who.. I am happy to have the schedule I have! My Monday just starts on Wednesday instead, so sometimes I feel like I play catch up since everyone is ending the week and I am starting, it throws me off!
I went out to take pictures to capture some leaves in the town, and found these beauties! So sad, because the very following weekend I went back to shoot in the same spot and they were all on the ground. The leaves come and go so quick these days! With the early snow that we had, they were all ruined this year! Insert sad face! I hope you all enjoy the rest of the week! 

Thank You to McDreamy for taking my pictures!! 

Thank You to Fascinating Diamonds for gifting my beautiful ring