Bright & White

I am taking white to a whole new level for fall! I will continue to wear my white jeans, booties and my coats! I love how effortless they look.
These photos were taken over the summer, I completely forgot to use them, so now that I am posting these. Better late then never! I love wearing white all year round. I will be styling my white jeans with some cardigans and OTK boots during the fall! 

I hope you all have an awesome weekend! These pictures were taken a while back, I completely forgot to use them for content- so I apologize for the huge delay! I need to spend some time going through all of my pictures and labeling them, so I know what content I have and what I don't have! I have been doing that now, but some of my older content has been lost from just uploading or downloading from different photographers. I am normally OCD with organization, so not sure how that makes any sense. I have been so caught up in being present with my family and with the kids and everything in normal life that, I have slacked on my organization. Insert oops emoji!

Bracelets- my chain bracelet is old, my screw bracelet is from The Styled Collection

Pictures taken by Britt Tucker

Thank You all for reading!