Packing for NYFW

Let me start off by saying....... Wooohooo I did it!! I Have always wanted to attend Fashion Week and never had the courage to do it and make it happen! And I finally did it!  I want to share everything with you all so if you all have questions that I don't answer in this blog post leave them as a comment and I will be sure to answer them, if not make a whole other post addressing them!!

This post is dedicated to everything I packed for NYFW S/S2018

Let me start with what I packed in my Purse!
They call the Louis Vuitton Neverfull and Never-FULL for a reason right?! I swear this bag was like a suitcase for me the whole trip! I packed all of my items I needed plus a whole outfit with shoes!
1-Juicy Travel Perfume
2- Card Wallet 
3- Hand Sanitizer
4- Charging pack- I ordered mine from Amazon! 
5- Lip Products I wear almost every day! Nars Lip Gloss- Chelsea Girls, Anastasia matte lip- Dusty Rose, Make up forever Lip Liner- (can't find this color online)
6- Foldable flats
7- Wisps
8- Travel Lotion- Mine was one I got from Bath and Body Works
9- Deodorant
10- Sunglasses
11- Trail Mix- Sent to me from Power Up!
First off, I didn't know where to even start when it came time to pack for NYFW, I started to plan on paper a month out, the things that I wanted to bring with me on my trip and the things that I wanted to bring in my handbag with me through out the day. Once it came down to it, I felt like I had given my self ample amounts of time to really think through what I wanted to bring and if I didn't have it go out and purchase it.

They say wear things that you wouldn't ever wear back home on a normal day! Well... I have some bad news, I would wear all of these outfits on a normal day or for a local event here! I have to say none of what I wore or packed was over the top and only NYFW attire! I can't wait to wear these pieces again real soon!

Lets start with my general packing list:

Outfit 1
Necklace- I ordered mine from eBay it is the Stella and dot Pegasus Collar

Outfit 2
I also wore another outfit on the plane and to walk around in Times Square
I wore these shoes for hours through both airports, all through Times Square! in the rain and they were so comfy!!

Outfit 3
These are the most comfortable MULE! I walked everywhere in these

Outfit 4
As you see in the picture I am wearing my Leopard Mules! I wore these with every outfit as my walking shoes!!

Outfit 5
 Oversize Fan Earrings by BP (sold out online but in stores @Nordstrom)
 Mine are Steve Madden the Clearer (and they were not comfy at all)
Belt here here
Mine was custom made by a designer from Bergdorfs (it was super pricey but love how it turned out)

Outfit 6
this dress was amazing to wear! I wish I had better pictures in it! The events I attended in this outfit were dark lighting. I had to have Mc Dreamy mom alter this dress, I purchased it way too big knowing she was going to need to take it in, I didn't want to get a size too small and it not fit at all) So  his mom made minor adjustments to make it fit better in the bust by adding some darts- I now know I need to get a smaller size or two from what I ordered.

Outfit 7

This outfit was supposed to be worn for the Banana Republic Presentation but I would have missed my flight if I stood in line.

I packed 3 pairs of PJs don't ask?!-I only wore one set
a hand full of undergarments
pedals for tata coverage
a pair of socks- if I wore my platform sneakers
a robe- for doing makeup and out of the shower
a few other dresses/ shoes not ever worn (I over pack)
A cable/ accessory organizer for my cords (this was amazing, I found mine at TJ Maxx)
My Luggage I found at TJ Maxx

 (my toiletry bag weighed over 5 pounds so I had to put my toiletries in Alyssa's bag- Toiletries made my bag weigh over 55 pounds😊)- Southwest makes you pay for every 2 pounds you are over 50 pounds an extra $75 dollars!! Note to self bring two suitcases next time!

Travel sized: Shampoo, conditioner, loofa, shaving cream, razor,
all of my Face products from Willing Beauty
blow dryer
curling iron
heat protectant
hair booster
dry shampoo
texture spray
My whole makeup bag: foundation-brush, concealer-blender, contour-brush,blush-brush, mascaras-1 &2naked palette, Burberry Highlighter (I do the same makeup look everyday!)
Snacks- my favorite is the Antioxidant mix!!
My camera (which I lugged with me and never used!)
mini first aid kit
my steamer (life saver!)

Thank You all so Much for reading! I will have my NYFW Guide up this week as well!! I will tell you all about what my days looked like and share pictures with you from my time in New York!