NYFW Day 4 SS18

I made it!! and I have to say, I am so sad to leave!! I don't want to go! I feel like I still have so much to do! I want to see and do so much in NYC! I want to try so many great places to eat! I honestly think I need to live in NYC for 13 week Nursing assignment just to really see everything there is to see and do not to mention eat!!

This morning we were supposed to wake up early enough to go do Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, and we were so tired from staying out till 3 in the morning and getting up at 5 or 6 am that we slept in!!

The only other thing we were going to attend was the Banana Republic Presentation with Olivia Palermo!! We cancelled all plans due to sleeping in!!

Once getting to the BR, the line was so insane there was no way we were going to make it inside without missing out flight! Which I wasn't going to be upset about because there were a few shows later that night that I wanted to attend! and come to find out should have attended because Nikki Manaj and Future performed! (insert beating myself up emoji)

Any ways back to the BR Presentation, it was so cool seeing all of the well known bloggers attending this event and standing feet from me, however we had a flight to catch and some pictures to snap!!

I wanted to get pictures infant of this amazing flatiron building! Stunning! I love all of the buildings in NYC so amazing!! 

Side note- so I asked our uber driver if he would be so kind as to waiting for us to go to the BR event and then take us to the airport after!! Surprisingly he said yes!! So there is a rule I guess if you are a driver in NJ you can't pick up in NY but if you are in NJ traveling to NY they can take you. Uber and Lyft drivers have to have both licenses I guess! So our driver was a NJ driver so he would have had no way for us to call him directly to pick us up, since he was only allowed to pick up in NJ. So he waited for us to go to the event see the long line, go snap pictures, then he took us to the airport! WE didn't have a place to keep our luggage if it weren't for him waiting for us! We paid him what it would cost to go to the airport plus and hour of his time through PayPal! I have to say he did us a favor so we hooked him up as well!!

while on the topic all of the Uber and Lyft drive the same cars.. Toyota Camry in black! Lets just say when your uber driver calls and says I am the one out on the street with my flashing lights. uhhhh which one!!!! Here in Colorado everyone drives there own cars for Uber and Lyft, so it makes it easy to spot your driver. No in NY or NJ they all rent these cars. 

Uber was a huge crutch for this trip!! I had my fare share of crazy drivers, super nice guys, none english speaking, mute, and one that wanted to start an altercation with a driver that was throwing rocks at our car. The stories of our Uber drivers could be a whole post in and of itself!!

over all, I had so much fun in NY for NYFW! I have learned so much about what I need to do for next year! I met some amazing bloggers and contacts. 

I was going to do a FAQ post to follow this one if anyone has any questions about NYFW I would love to answer them the best I can!!

I pitched to the shows I attended! I was invited to several shows through Contacts I have worked with  as a daily blogger. 

Style Collective helped me get organized with a media kit, getting letters written to companies through out the year to really get the hang of pitching to brands.

Being one of the regional leaders for Colorado through Style Collective has been a huge outlet! I am so thankful for everything I have been taught through SC and Annie Spano!

I purchased my Business cards from Moo.com They were so cute and I love how they turned out!! I don't have a promo code I wish I did! They are pricey!

I didn't set a budget, because I anticipated NYC being over priced, and I honestly didn't think I would be doing much that I would be spending money.
I purchased a coffee, a burger, mac & cheese, and food in the air port both ways. I didn't have time to shop, I purchased the tickets for Top of the Rock, Empire State, & Ellis Island online with the NYC Go pass! The most money spend was on Uber! I spend more money on Uber than I did on my BNB for the week!

These are some of the questions I have been asked on Instagram, so if you have any others please leave a comment and I will be sure to answer!!

As always thank you for reading!
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