NYFW Day 3 SS18

Day 3 was the most anticipated day for me!! I came all the way to New York because of Style Collective Inspiring me, pushing me, and guiding me to go!

It has always been a dream of mine to go to NYFW to sit through shows, to attend events and to make contacts! I would say this trip was a success! I can't wait to go back! 

I was not sure how this day was going to unfold, I had so many shows and events that I was invited to and had to pick which ones I wanted to attend! Of course being my first time to fashion week I wanted to attend them all! So I decided to make the best of it and try to attend all that I could! 

First things first... Amika reached out me asking me if I would like for them to style my hair during fashion week!! Um hello .... no brainer.. YASS! @beautybyamor did my hair! I love how she styled it and it lasted me two days (I wore it for Saturday as well!)

Alyssa and I after being styled by Amika!!

 Standing In line for the Galtiscopio Show!!!

Ray Jay Performed

Christian Combs Performed as well!!

The Galtiscopio Finale

Katie Gallagher- Rain 

This was a very different presentation! The director was yelling at the models and the dj and walking around in front of all of us 3 times while we were all watching. It was confusing, because I didn't know if that was part of the show, but then when he kept re starting and timing the models, I then realized, "no we were watching them rehearse" I don't understand why they let us in to the presentation if they were not ready for us to watch. Different and very dark, I wanted to be able to see the models and the clothing! I didn't realize how great the pieces were till the photos were posted online when I got back home from NYC.

after this we went to a red carpet event for Fame, we arrived and it was a mess, the people in the lounge didn't know where I was supposed to go. I was on the front row list, then I was on the red carpet only list. Either way, I attended and the show was an hour late to start, the venue wasn't even filled. I was so confused by this one as well. Alyssa and I ended up leaving along with others that followed us out, the show didn't start on time and was 1.5 hours long, there was no way I could stay and then try to make my other events.

So next stop, the Samsung venue!!! This was so much fun and such a pleasure to attend! It was awesome walking in and the first person I see is Brooke from KBStyled!! She is just as gorgeous in person as she is online!! It was so fun running in to so many well known bloggers! 

These were my favorite!! Pink Lemonade and Blue Raspberry Vodka
So good! They only made so much PL and once it was gone that was it!! So good!

All thanks to Michael Todd I was able to attend this event! This was honestly the highlight of my day!!

-getting my hair done
-going to the WWD event!!

I can't wait to go again next year!!

I got to the Style Collective event at a little after 8pm and lets just say I was late to the party!!
It was so nice Finally meeting Annie Spano my mentor and the person that is behind SC and getting me set up for NYFW! 

When I showed up everyone was already a few drinks in, and having a good ole time!! Unfortunately, since I was late to the party and there was only an hour left, there wasn't any food, wine, goodies, or good lighting to take that great of pictures. Next Year I will be sure to attend this event right away at the beginning. This was one of the events that overlapped with the WWD and I didn't want to miss either one so I spent an hour at both.

I am so glad I went to the SC event, I was able to meet up with a few SC sisters that I follow on instagram! It is always nice to meet the people you follow online in person!!

 @katromanelli @somewear_southwest @teddybearsandlipstick @vlaxerg and yours truly!!

I loved these two dresses I wore for Fridays events!! They were so comfortable and so stunning!! I however, was so sore from walking in heels all week that my feet hated me!!

after the SC event me, Alyssa, Victoria and her boy friend all went to grab a late night slice of pizza!!  What can I say, traveling to NYC wouldn't be the same if i didn't try the pizza!!
Outfit 5
 Oversize Fan Earrings by BP (sold out online but in stores @Nordstrom)
 Mine are Steve Madden the Clearer (and they were not comfy at all)
Mine was custom made by a designer from Bergdorfs (it was super pricey but love how it turned out)

Outfit 6
this dress was amazing to wear! I wish I had better pictures in it! The events I attended in this outfit were dark lighting. I had to have Mc Dreamy mom alter this dress, I purchased it way too big knowing she was going to need to take it in, I didn't want to get a size too small and it not fit at all) So  his mom made minor adjustments to make it fit better in the bust by adding some darts- I now know I need to get a smaller size or two from what I ordered.

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