NYFW Day 2 SS18

 These pictures were taken on our walk from our jersey BNB to the bus station!! I love that you can see the whole skyline!! 
walking to the bus station!! 
my first cup of coffee since being in NY- It never tasted so good! I can't believe there wasn't a coffee shop close to where we were staying. So I decided yo get my first PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season)

(These Videos may not work on everyones computers or devices)

WE were off to New York School Of Design show! After our little morning stroll to the bus stop, then road the bus to the Subway, we then got on the subway... and go figure couldn't figure out how to navigate out of the underground transit! If you are not a local, like me it was challenging to try and figure it out!! 

"Always look like you know where you are going, even if you don't."
~ Carrie Bradshaw

We then walked from the station to our first stop, which was The New York School of Design Presentation SS18.

Let me start by saying, WOW they didn't upset! I can't believe these are students and all put together these pieces in a short period of time, some in just a few days!!

Meet each and every one of these designers was amazing and so fun to ask about the pieces.

This was about to turn out to be a very Show Busy day!! Get ready for the same outfit all day!! I brought a Change of outfit and didn't have a chance to change till the very last show.

Larglinda Ilazi
Gina Silva
Sentell Avalos-McDonald
Carolina DeFreites
I wanted every piece in this photo!! and still do!! 
Mina Zhou
Prashansa Mohan
Trey Pasquariello 
Vonnell Gibson
I want this sweater that Vonnell is wearing, she was selling them at the presentation, and she sold out!

After the NYSD Presentation we had some time to kill between shows so we went over to The Rockefeller Building and spent a long while snapping blog pictures! I loved every minute of this! seeing all of NYC and then some! I can't wait to go back every year and snap pictures just like the ones I took, to document every year of going now!! 

I will be going first thing in the morning next time! The afternoon was so busy and you have to fight for space (not literally, but if you want a good shot with no-one in it, you have to wait it out)

I believe we decided to not attend some shows during this time, since we wanted to be tourists and see some of NYC while we were there.

NYFW Day 2

What I wore:
Outfit 3
These are the most comfortable MULE! I walked everywhere in these

After Top of the Rock, we went to the Intrepid, which is a old battle ship that has been turned into a museum as well as used for special events!

We went to a handful of shows! I will only post the finale videos and my favorites from the line, since this post is getting to be so long!

 Amanda Holley
 First was, Gregorio Sanchez
Second was, Meriem Belkhayat
 I want this dress!!
I love this dress as well!!
Third was, Peyman Umay
 Then we went to eat in between the next set which was Marco Marco and I didn't take any pictures, the show was not my taste! Designer Mens Underwear (insert holy embarrassing emoji) don't get me wrong this was truly art being displayed, however not a show I would have gone to, had I researched it ahead of time. All of the models were gay men, or were they? Not sure it reminded me of drag.

so back to the food, we all know I am a huge food junkie!! I am really good at scoping out the good eats in every city I go to! It is my thing! I swear I wanted to be a food critic, but I would be 21323 pounds.
( I tried to turn this photo and my photos were acting weird)

We originally took a taxi over to Jacobs Pickles and they were under construction, so we walked to the sister company which is Maison Pickle and let me tell you it was not upsetting! I ordered the safest thing on the menu!! Mac & Cheese! Queue the music for perfect harmony!!! This mac is called The Midnight Brunch! AUH MAZE ING! one word, three depending on how you look at the spelling! I love mac, I order a favorite mac& cheese here in Colorado and this I got to say takes the cake!! Jalapeños, breakfast sausage, chicken, cheese goodness, and a egg on top! Anything with an egg wins in my book!

After this last show Alyssa and I then went to the Empire State building!

Outfit 4
As you see in the picture I am wearing my Leopard Mules! I wore these with every outfit as my walking shoes!!

Thank You all for reading!! Tomorrow will by NYFW Day 3

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