NYFW Day 1 SS18

My trip to New York Fashion Week (NYFW) was everything that I imagined it would be and more!! 

AHHHH I can't believe I actually went and was able to attend shows and events!  NYFW was exhausting and nonstop 24/... I thought Vegas didn't sleep, um NO! New York doesn't sleep! Most restaurants and social gatherings are open till 4am!! I am a night owl so New York and I are one bad Romance!! I literally would never sleep if I lived there! I honestly didn’t even want to come back home. I thrive on that NYC hustle – especially when I’m surrounded by so many incredible influencers, designers, fashion icons. I still can't believe I was able to attend so many shows and was able to experience just a taste of what Fashion week has to offer! I can't wait to work hard this coming year to make my next fashion week an even bigger success!  I’m beyond excited to share all of the amazing new spring trends with you! I didn't bring my camera into the shows since I am not any good at using it in a quick manner. So I mostly took video/boomerang of the shows! It’s going to be a season full of asymmetrical, feminine, bright, and the list goes on!  I’m already excited about dressing for next spring/summer!
Lets just say I have learned a lot for next Year when I go back to NYFW!!

  • I now know that the shoes I wear have got to pass the "walking a lot period of time test"
  • I need to book a hotel right in the middle of all of the Shows and events! The idea behind saying in New York, New Jersey sounded nice. Well ... till the Uber rides started to add up! I travelled with Alyssa (my monthly style posts with her in case you forgot!!) We thought it would be cheaper to book in Jersey and just take public transportation in to the shows everyday. ehhh WRONG!  The Uber situation was a nightmare!! The traffic was terrible at all times of the day when trying to navigate around the city, public transportation is nice if you have time to spare. We tried to take the subway one morning and we ended up missing two shows because it takes so long to travel on the subway! 
  • I think next NYFW I will look into hiring a driver!! The amount of money in Uber was insane. I honestly wonder if we styled in the hotel that Style Collective booked for all of the SC girls would have saved money and would have allowed us to change during the day. Since we stayed in Jersey we had to carry a change of clothes with us everyday if we wanted to change in between shows. 
  • I want to be able to wear multiple outfits during the day! When in New York change multiple times a day-it is the one time that it is not frowned upon to make multiple loads on laundry in one day!
  • Book hair appointments with beauty bars for every morning while I am there
  • Book a photographer for street style photos while I am there
  • Pack two suitcases
  • Be a tourist! Go to all of the swanky shops and eateries to Instagram for days!
Now... Lets start from the beginning!!

I started Planning NYFW about 3 months prior to going! I knew what I wanted to wear and after going I honestly don't know how I feel about the attire I saw during FW! I felt like I was dressed appropriately, but I felt like other bloggers were really casual. A lot of fashion I see on daily instagram posts! More of the Seasoned Bloggers really stepped it up which is what I was expecting!
I am part of a blogger community called Style Collective, which I honestly have to say if it weren't for Annie Spano and her guidance in pitching to shows and giving me a platform to speak on, I don't think I would have gone! I pitched to Over 50 shows and was really Impressed with the response back saying I was able to attend! I had over 20 shows or events that I was able to attend, and of course I knew I wasn't going to be able to attend all of them. So with the way my brain works I took to writing lists. I wrote a list of all of the shows, on that list I had a color coordinated system showing when I pitched to the event, if it was yes, or no. I then wanted to see all of the shows that I pitched to on a grid or graph, I then color coordinated shows with yes, no or maybes. I was better able to see all of the shows times and the responses show up on my graph to see which would conflict with each other and so on! 

I would show my chicken scratch pieces of paper but they are a mess.. Ill show you an example of my graph I made though.

This was changed again too when it was a week out for show time! I then created my trip in the wonderful app Tripit
Eventbrite had all of my tickets for the shows or events I was attending
Go city was the pass I purchased to get a better deal on sight seeing in NYC
Tripit was how I planned my itinerary for a week out and even hours an mins up to show time! The app is incredible! It is free! I wanted something for my OCD tendencies that would keep me organized minute by minute that had all my info in one spot. So I was able to enter in my flight info and my flight was synced to the app. I put in every show and the start and finish times as well as the addresses, this made it easy to see how long it was going to take to get to the next show! The app even shows you how much transportation would cost with Uber,Lyft,Taxi. You can add notes and pictures under each show and really stay organized! I used it as a guide to keep me on track for which shows and events were up next. 
Radar was a good app as well, once I was accepted into this app I was able to see shows and ask to attend shows that way as well!
My Reservation tab- has yelp which is my FAVE! I put all my restaurants and sights in as bookmarks so I could easily reference yelp to see what nearby eats were around! 
Uber/ Lyft- I don't use Lyft ... I used Uber the whole time, I found that it was more user friendly. Alyssa used Lyft.
This is a screen shot at what my Tripit app looked like with my shows and events. I deleted shows as we went to them and then stopped because I wanted to make this post and wanted them in the post, so sorry if the app looks bare bones. I like to cross things off as I do them and then realized that won't be beneficial for my readers to see a black screen!

So leading up to NYFW I was I felt organized, I planned all my outfits, I took pictures of all my outfits so I knew what I wanted to wear what accessories etc with. I mapped and planned out the trip over and over! I printed maps- hard copies from every show to the next in case the internet wasn't working while I was in NYC!

I didn't want to miss anything due to not knowing where I was going.

So it was go time!! Time to leave for New York! I was packed and I knew that my bag was wayyyy too heavy but I didn't care it was NYFW and I was ready to go! Dreamy brought me to the airport to see Alyssa we were flying out together! we checked our bags and of course if you read my last post you know that I packed everything bathroom wise that my toiletries weighed so much alone that they had to come out of my bag and went into Alyssa's. 

We checked our bags and headed to security, grabbed breakfast and waited for our flight! We got on our flight and I want to say I slept but honestly I was so excited I don't remember any more!!

Once we landed In NYC.... Let the craziness begin! La Guardia is a small airport and there are A LOT of people flying in and out at one time! It was a complete poop show to say the least! Waiting for a taxi, Uber or Lyft took so long we missed our first show! Insert sad and angry face!

Once we got in the car it was rush hour traffic and NYC was gridlocked so there was no way for us to make it to our Air BNB to change and all the way back to NYC in time for our next event. So an executive decision was made and we Ubered to the Tiffanys Event and changed in the back of the Uber! We both had just come off our flight, so no make up and it was raining so I for sure was a wet dog! We changed then thankfully we were able to check our luggage at the door of the event!
The Airport Uber Situation (insert anxiety emoji)

by this time, we had missed two shows and we were headed to our last event for the night late- with suitcases, no makeup and having to change in the back seat! 

NYFW Night 1

What I wore: (Tiffany's Fragrance Event)
Necklace- I ordered mine from eBay it is the Stella and Dot Pegasus Collar

I didn't get any Pictures of Just me in this Jumpsuit, they are all with other bloggers and or boomerangs from the night!

Tiffany's Perfume Launch Party!

When You first walk in, you walked through a neon lite door in the shape of a Tiffany perfume Bottle in the color Tiffany Blue!

When You first get inside you are greeted with drinks and hors d'oeuvres. In the middle of the room was a Giant Perfume Bottle filled with Tiffany Boxes, a huge open bar, a great stage, and of course areas around the event with the fragrance on display! In the back corner was a Tiffany Bottle illuminated for you to stand in and record a boomerang to the theme song of the night! St, Vincent was Stunning and rocked the night by singing on stage!

Everyone walked away with many memories of the night and great boomerangs as well as the new beautiful fragrance!! I do have to say Tiffany's sure knows how to throw a Party!

This Door Is ahh-Maze-ing!! In Tiffany Blue and in the shape of a perfume bottle!!

From Left to right: Stefanie from Sofashionated, Yours truly (wet dog), Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam, and Alyssa from Teddy Bears and Lipstick!


These are from the snapchat geo filters from the night!

St Vincent She has an amazing voice!!

I love this bottle filled with boxes, I would have loved to have this in my house growing up! I was obsessed with Tiffany's everything and keeping all of the packaging!(I still love Tiffany's, but this wouldn't match the esthetic of my rustic farm house!

after this event Alyssa and I had gone off to adventure some more! we went home changed and dropped off our suitcases! We met the hosts of our BNB and then headed back to Times Square! We walked many blocks through the city it was amazing in all of its glory! 
I can't image how amazing Times Square truly is!! WOW!

We then went to eat at Black Tap!! Which is known for their burgers and elaborate shakes! 
I ordered The Greg Norman Burger which was amazing, (wagyu beef, house buttermilk dill, blue cheese, arugula) I took it to go, and unfortunately we weren't able to have a shake at this time, Alyssa was car sick so we needed to get medicine in order for her to start feeling better! Poor thing in the midst of her not feeling well she forgot her phone in the Uber. Let me tell you how devastating that would have been had our Uber driver not been the best that night! A chunk of change later she was able to get her phone back and we were on our way to the next stop. We went to their form of CVS and got her meds etc and we were on our way through the city, in the rain! Night one and day one were rough and we were hoping this wasn't an indication of how the week was going to go. 

Outfit 2 for the night
I wore these shoes for hours through both airports, all through Times Square! in the rain and they were so comfy!!

my Insta story from day one!