Top it up with Mustard

Happy Friday Babes!! I was away in NC for a whole week, and took some time off from my career job, as well as my blog. I pre planned all of my posts before I lefts so I could spend and give my undivided attention to my family.
I am loving this mustard color top, I purchased this one, and a couple others in this same color that I just love. I also snagged some mustard colored sweaters for the fall time. I tend to find a color I like and buy it in a bunch of different things. So get ready to see this color on repeat as well as this top!!

Bare with me as I work at the hospital the next 5 days so, I will be typing up my posts every night. My next days off are Tues and Weds where I have two fully packed days with blog catch up, photo shoots and Birthday Festivities. I plan to start my new blog routine soon. When I get it all scheduled I will make an announcement so you all know when and what to expect from me and what content, you will all be seeing weekly. As always, thank you for reading!

Earrings: Target 
Necklace: Nordstrom
Jeans: Mine are from Old Navy, and I cut them you can see that post here, another option here
Wedges: Nordstrom
Bracelets:The Styled Collection, and here
Watch: Michael Kors

Thank You to Jenna Sparks Photography