Its My Birthday!!

Its my Birthday I can cry if I want to...(insert music notes here) Today is the BIG 30😳 I can't believe this day has come... I am shocked, honestly the days, and years have just flown by. This is the year that my age freezes, I will forever be 30 now!! (hehe)

Lets first talk about these amazing balloons, first off they were so big that they almost didn't fit in my Jeep, second thank goodness the tassels were already assembled, and last I shot this look down at the beautiful court house in down town Denver and the slightest bit of wind picks these balloons up and wants to carry you away. (kind of like the movie Up- if you can picture that)

A little bit about this location:
This building is called the Byron G. Rogers Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse, it was listed as one of 2016 National historical buildings. (neat right!!) This court house is known for the Oklahoma city bombers trial and conviction. ( I really don't even want to say his name) I wanted to shoot my Birthday outfit here because I love architecture for one, ( Im a nerd when it comes to buildings) and for two I love the marble pillars and tiling, it is stunning!! Since, this building is a federal building any person that wants to take pictures on the property must ask permission from the Inspectors which are located at the building adjacent from this courthouse, where the TSA desk is. I had gone to ask permission and then was told to go speak with an officer that was out in his truck to get permission. These officers are called inspectors. I learned a lot the day that I went to do my photoshoot at this location. 

This post is going up on my exact birthday August 9th, these pictures were taken a week prior, I was just down at the court house for another shoot and happen to run into all of the media and press for the Taylor Swift trial. There is a lot going on in this area right now.

Now onto the outfit, I wanted to find a flowing maxi or skirt and a really loose or flouncy top for my shoot. Well as you see I settled in with this Shein pom pom crochet dress! I love the fit, I just wish it was longer!! This was a little too short for my taste. Then of course I kept it simple with accessories and shoes.
The balloons and tassels were a fun purchase, I learned a lot from the experience as well. I learned that helium at Party City isn't cheap for a 36" balloon, I learned that 36" Balloons barely fit in my jeep, two of these massive balloons in Down town Denver gets you lots and lots of attention and not to mention lifts you off the ground a little bit!! (add one more balloon and you will be sure to float away) Kids don't try this at home!!

Now on to the Birthday mumbo jumbo...
the big 30
the dirty thirty
triple x
3 tens

I love this little fact box, so fun to look back on this!! 

turning 30  is honestly just another year, I didn't ave huge plans for my age- a lot of women do such as marriage, babies etc.  I used to be that way in years past and now, I am here fortunate for what I have and I am so glad that I have my health, my job, my family and friends. 

Thank you all for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this fun little post!!

Dress- She In
Shoes- Valentino
Watch- Michael Kors
Earrings -Nordstrom
Bracelet- The Styled Collection

My Balloons can be purchased here (Light pink) & the Tassels here (Rose Gold, Blush & Ivory)

Thank You to Britt Tucker Photography for these awesome pictures!!