Girls Night In

Every once in a while you need a relaxing girls night in! 

Things You will Need:
Chocolate Covered Berries
Chips & Dip
and some good laughs. 

Every girl needs a good girls night! One spent in good company with your best babes and a good glass of wine and snacks! This time let's you commit to more time spent with your girls and have real conversations! 
I found that we didn't have enough time to spend with each other, as we are all business women and all have families waiting for us at home!
I do have to say, I need to make more of an effort to have girl time! I am surrounded by 5 boys in my household! Mc Dreamy, Two Children and Three FrenchMen (our Frenchies) Needless to say I am our numbered! I wouldn't have it any other way at home though!
Girl time is important! I love being about to talk fashion, style,accessories, hair, make up, and the good stuff that pertains to our blogs: such as sponsorships, collars and feed off of each others ideas!
I think we all have agreed that we are going to try and get the four of us girl bosses together once a month to sit and chill and start a collab! Sex in the City Style! (hehe)

As some of you already know, (Alyssa of @teddybearsandlipstick) is one of my Best friends in real life and we have already collaborated monthly before this night.  Cara & C.J. were Instagram friends, and met for the first time on this night! The best part about meeting Cara and CJ was how easy it was to interact, it was almost like we all had known each other for greater lengths of time prior to that night.  Crazy how you can get people in a room and some will attract to each other and hit it off and others won't link up. Well, all of us didn't skip a beat, it was instant girl talk and sharing of ideas. Everything was on the table, from collaborations with companies we have worked with to plans for NYFW and trips we could take together to collab ideas amongst each other  and venting about our business frustrations.(Lets be real we all have our times we need to vent about things that aren't fair in life right!)

Its crazy to think that getting four bloggers together- these girls are going to be on their phones the whole time posting and tagging!  Well let me tell you what.. the four of us all planned to meet up for this girls night in (GNI) and for the sole purpose of getting the content we needed posted in the first few mins of seeing each other, breaking the ice while we poured our wines using our boomerang apps and taking our much needed selfies! Other than that none of us were on our phones the rest of the night.  I think there is a stigma these days that what you see on social media is reality, or social media is a fake facade of someones life. Well, I am here to tell you that not in our cases! All four of us women all work our day jobs and run our brands on the side full time as well! We are able to differentiate what is important (our friendships and each others time) instead of sitting on our phones all night long. What you see on all of our social media pages is REAL! None of us display fake content to make people believe that our lives are all puppy dogs and rainbows! I can see how some people get wrapped up in being a big influencer and having to always be perfect and having a platform that needs to look and run a certain way. Not this girl!! I am here to make real true friends and share true feeling and testimonies with what I have experienced with my career and with my platform. I am not one of those influencers that has a perfect feed and then the reality is my life is miserable, I am very real with my content that I share and tell my readers like it is. My promise is to be true to myself and to share my style and my life with my readers and hope that it empowers women to want to be their best self as well! The GNI was just that real girl time, gossip in the industry, partners we have worked with or want to work with, advice and ideas, and of course our own goals for our brands as well as for each other. 
 Katie from Katie Leigh Hutt Photography connected with Cara about putting together an event to bring bloggers together for a "Networking Shoot." Katie would be the photographer, Cara contacted the bloggers and Katie contacted a few sponsors for the night.

I expected to connect with my insta friends in real life and have a fun-filled night of sipping some of my favorite wine, and socializing about our blogs. It was a night that none of us girlies will forget! This night marks the night that great things will come from, we will travel together and work together and now have a friendship that I hope lasts a lifetime. I hope to grow together and continue to support each others platforms. After that night I have continued to talk to C.J, Cara and Alyssa! I hope and plan to work with all of these babes more in the near future and plan to just have girls night out side of business. 
Katie was able to contact a few companies to have them sponsor the night by providing props for our shoot as well as wine to take home to enjoy at a later time.
 Colorado Glasses  is a local brand "Bold Shades, for a Bold life" I saw Colorado Glasses at the Denver Flea this year when McDreamy and I went over the summer. WE both loved how the glasses all have different shades of wood and different lenses, as well as options to have polarized verses non polarized. There are also a pair that we both are wanting to purchase that float! McDreamy and I go to the lake often to paddle board so these would be perfect if we fall in. (the glasses were used as props in the photos, we didn't get to keep these)

(This is a snap shot from Wikipedia)

Infinite Monkey Theorem The IMT cans are perfect for tailgating and get togethers when you have to BYOW! (bring your own wine) I honestly can't say I have had canned wine before/ just in a box. This is definitely a must buy! I am trying to cut out drinking beer since it is loaded with carbs.  (side note: I went out and purchased the Rose & Moscato, and those are my two favorites from them! I took them to watch the UFC Fight at a friends house)

 Tie One On Wine Charms were provided as a cute little charm for all of use to differentiate whose wine glass was who's.  These would be a great gift idea for those of you that like to have a bunch of friends or even family gathering at your house. (We didn't get to keep these charms, they were for display for our special event )

I wanted to be comfortable, yet picturesque !! I knew that we would all be in pictures from the GNI so I wanted to wear something that was complementing of my body and that didn't look bad if taken from weird angles. Being a curvy girl I have to dress towards my body. There are all sorts of clothes that don't look good on my curvy body, but I try to not fear those and try to make them work for me. I wore my favorite peplum top (this top hides all of the curves and is flattering at the same time!) that I own in about 4 colors. and my favorite faux leather jacket, paired with my favorite skinnies and of course topped off my outfit with my leopard heels that I just love! My phone case I designed myself from Case App use DelaynaDenaye20 for 20% off your order!

Necklace- Mine is from the Styled CollectionSimilar here

As always Thanks for reading! 

Pictures were taken by Katie Leigh Hutt Photography
Infinite Monkey Theorem- Supplied the wine and gifted a box for us all to take
Tie one on, Colorado Glasses were all products for the night.