Floral Off The Shoulder (OTS)

Happy Friday!! So I want to eventually start writing about series and organization here on Delayna Denaye!

 what I mean by that is to have 
Monday be only Fashion and outfit ideas, 
 Wednesdays will be wish-lists or my Wine down with Delayna Posts, DIY, sponsored posts and collabs, 
Fridays will eventually be only fitness- anything fitness related- workouts. recipes,outifts
I plan to make a post about my weight gain/weight loss journey
my story of how I became who I am today
why I support body positivity including my sizes
my go to hair style (most requested)
my daily skin care routine (always changing)
why I became a nurse
those are some of my posts I am planning very soon!

let me know if there are any other posts that you would like to see!!

be sure to check out the details for this outfit below!!

Top Mine is sold out a similar one here- loving this one
Ring- I can't find the perfect one to post on here mine is from Vici
Jeans- mine I made my self you can see the post here

Thank you to Jenna Sparks Photography for my amazing pictures