Style Monthly Alyssa X Delayna: Stripes

Happy Hump Day Babes!! I can't not wait to share my newest collaboration with you all!!! EEEEEK! Starting this month every second Wednesday of the month I will be collaborating ......

with my dear blogger babe, Alyssa Walls from Teddy Bears and Lipstick! We will be styling one piece of similar type/trend and making our own spin on it. So for example, this month is Stripes!! Originally we were going to do a different style this month, but of course girls will be girls we started chatting and our photoshoot turned in to hours of chit chat!! and impromptu Alyssa and I wore stripes so we both decided that this month will be stripes. Great minds think alike right?!!
Alyssa and I have similar taste in styles and in colors, however Alyssa is very petite and I am more than half her size. I hope that our collaboration pulls her readers and my readers together and get a two for one on styles. I have a unique body type, I am very voluptuous. I will share my curvy measurements in a different blog post. I plan to share my body positivity with everyone in a different post. I love that Alyssa wanted to collaborate together monthly, because there is such a stigma around being petite and fitting a certain criteria to fit in or make it in the fashion industry. Alyssa and I are here to show the world that there is so much more than size in the fashion industry. 

Alyssa is our tiny, petite smoking hot mom of three littles! Goodness everyone wishes they can say they have had three kids and look as amazing as she does. I on the other had have been blessed with va va voom curves- I have had a booty since I was a baby, funny fact: my family still to this day calls me "Waggy" because they say I wag when I walk. (I have always had a waddle/wag) So thanks Mom for my booty. I can't complain, its one body part that a lot of women would pay to have and try to work out (squat) to get. I was blessed enough to be born with it. 

as for the rest of my curves, I would say I carry my weight evenly. I look at other curvaceous women and everyone of us carry our weight differently. I am standing at a whopping 5'4" I will share a post about weight and measurements and how I love my curves in another post.

I can't wait to showcase similar styles on two different body types so our readers can see it styled two ways and on two different body types. I think this is a good way for people to branch out of their comfort zones and really see that there is more to fashion then size. 

I hear the comment a lot, "I would never wear that, it only looks good on a mannequin" and not even wanting to try the piece of clothing on because mannequins are built skinny or "only petite girls can pull that off". Have you ever wished mannequins weren't all tall and skinny? Have you ever wanted average sized mannequins in stores, so you can actually see what the pieces of clothing look like on curves?! Well good news! I am here for you!! 
I plan to challenge myself by trying pieces that may only look good on mannequins and step out of even my comfort zone to style some pieces that I even find hard to see past the mannequin. Some times even in the fashion industry it is easy to get stuck in a styles block- very similar to a "writers block" not having anything to wear even though you have a full closet of clothes.
Alyssa and I will try to find one trend or piece of clothing and she will style it her way and towards her body type and I will do that same for me.
WE are open to suggestions for pieces you may want to see styled!!
 WE will not do any inappropriate attire.
and I might not do shorts! I absolutely hate shorts on my body. 

Top Bobeau-mine is sold out this one is very similar here 
Necklace- mine is sold out Similar Bauble bar one here
Earrings- Chanel Earrings

Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to see a sneak at what Alyssa has to offer over on her page today!!

be sure to swing over to Teddy Bears and Lipstick to see how Alyssa styles her stripes the month!!

Thank You Britt Tucker for our Amazing Photography