No Stars Just Stripes

I hope everyone had an Awesome Fourth of July!!Independence Day is so much fun! I love all of the BBQ's and the Red, White and Blue, its so fun!

This outfit was not planned to fall in or around July Fourth, I had this photo shoot long before planning anything festive. I usually try to wear something festive on the fourth, So I am sure you will catch that on my instagram or on my stories! I saw this dress on Instagram and I loved it, I loved how long it was! First, I think stripes look horrible on me, but of course I love them and try to make them look ok, but I think most people my size know that stripes are not flattering on curvy women! I quiet frankly am doing the opposite and will rock them any way! I love this dress, I wish I ordered a smaller size as it is pretty big, but when ordering online I always order large and then end up keeping everything and having to alter it. I usually will wear my items and have a photo shoot in them and then decide to alter them. I am such a dork. At least I know they will look better the next time they are photographed. I love denim, if you have been following me then you know I wear something denim everyday. Bright earrings are my jam, I love my monogram, and of course my usual arm candy is in place. Now lets talk about these heels... they are uber comfy, I wore them once and they broke sadly, I was in my favorite boutique and Leslie the owner was kind enough to temporarily sew them so I could wear them out of her store. I then Broke them again walking up my drive way. So yet again another thing to fix. GEEE my alteration pile is getting ridiculous!! I love the leopard and the chunky heel so they are totally worth the hassle till I find something else. I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday!! Bye for now!!

Earrings- Bauble Bar
Jean Jacket- Old Navy
Cross Body- LV
Watch- Michael Kors
Ring- VICI (similar here)

Thanks To Jenna Sparks Photography for taking these photos