Off the shoulder & White

Happy Friday!! Did everyone have a productive week? I am half way through my work week after today.. I work the weekend then get a couple off! When I work the weekend it makes a long week, 4 on 2 off 2 on.. I don't ever feel rested on this rotation, but when I get the five days off its amazing!! I can't say that I am super productive on those five days off though, I find my self wanting to sleep all day long and just relax.  Lets talk about the off the shoulder trend!! I am obsessed! I love everything OFS, I honestly used to love tube tops when I was younger, then I grew out of that phase and now I just love them all over again, the better difference is OTS tops normally cover that awkward patch of fat between your chest and arm pit (eye rolls) does that not bother everyone? Even when I was my skinniest I still had it. This top is so cute with the blue hues and the stripes and to top it off the bow...

I wear my monogram almost everyday, I have to remember that I do have other necklaces. Also these white jeans are the best! They are the perfect stretch and just thick enough to cover your underwear and to cover your skin/cellullite (lets face it every 4 in 5 women have cellulite) Some of us are just more aware then others. I find it nasty (on me) so I try not to ever show it, some people aren't bothered by it and embrace it. (there is nothing to embrace about seeing mini cheese burgers on my legs, its a constant reminder of the crap I ate )Women have such thin skin that you can see it all men definitely got lucky with this one, you can't see cellulite on men often because of how thick their skin is. Now back to the outfit.. I am loving the powder blue this season, along with some scrappy heels.

Monogram Love always
OTS-Vici- The styles sell out so fast This one is so cute!!
Jeans- Old Navy
Bag- Mine is old Similar here
Heels-Mine are from Vici, but these pair I have and are better 

Thanks to Spenser Chambers Photography