How I clean my Makeup Brushes & My Current everyday Makeup Routine

I keep getting questions on how do I do my makeup and what brushes do I use, So here is my current way of doing my makeup along with how I am cleaning my makeup brushes. I will be sure to link all of my current makeup products and brushes. If I get asked to do further makeup looks I will do a different post for those looks. This is my everyday, simple 10mins or less makeup look. 

How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

What I use:
A bowl
Warm Water
Dirty Brushes

IT is very simple how I clean my brushes, I fill a bowl with luke warm water
 and put a few drops of soap of my choice in
 and then dip my brushes around in the soapy water.

The water will start to look like strawberry/chocolate milk...mmmmm this means you are getting all of the makeup out of your brush.

I do this till the water runs clear.

So, I will dump the water out of the bowl, refill, place a few drops of soap in the water and mix, mix mix.
 I do this about three times to fully get all of the makeup out of my brushes.
Once all of my brushes are clean,  I lay them out across a towel, or put them bristle part pointing downward in a cup so the water doesn't soak into the head of the brush.

Gather Your dirty brushes. These are just the ones I was cleaning at the time. 

Products I am currently using:
(I switch up my lip color everyday, my blush I switch up, and I usually add a highlighter & brow pencil)

I do use older brushes for my eyes when I do more with my eye shadow.

I love my MT brush it is amazing, it does all the blending for me, this basically takes place of a stippling or foundation brush.  My Nars brushes I have been using for over a year now, and still no fall out and still my everyday brushes. My beauty blender- I wash not as often as I should and most of the time just replace with a new one, I still love using this to blend my canceler in with and I use it so I don't have to touch my face when I am putting on my eyeliner or any other make up so I don't smudge.

My current Makeup routine is here!!I tried to upload it here but it is to large, so youtube it is!!