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I am so excited to share that @stylecollective_ has launched its first podcast, called Becoming Fearless! Tonight and this week, there will be 25+ podcast launch parties happening all over the world to celebrate!! The Becoming Fearless podcast is about finding your authentic self and living your values to become the person that you were meant to be – aka becoming fearless! Join the virtual launch party by downloading the podcast in the iTunes store, rating, reviewing, and subscribing! #becomingfearless

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If you haven't joined Style Collective, what are you waiting for? I have met some amazing women across the country and even in my very own state that have the same goals that I do. It is nice to meet people that have the same goals and want to accomplish the same things as a blogger.  Style Collective is a sisterhood! I love that we can all come together to share experiences and advice on how we can all better our brands. Thanks to Creator Annie Spanos, she has created a way for all of us women to join together to become who we truly want to be, by giving us the tools and the guidance we need to be great successors. 

What is Style Collective: Style Collective is an international social network for female fashion and lifestyle influencers. SC has educational content, e-courses, webinars, forums and an entire #GIRLBOSS community of women who cheer each other on! SC is about empowering women who want to use style to do what they love.

If you are looking to grow your audience and looking to share your goals with other likeminded women SC is for you! click the image below and it will take you to SC sign up page!

Because of the launch of the new podcast, Denver Style Collective had a podcast celebration!
My self and Alyssa are the Regional Leaders of Colorado/Denver so together we put together a Sip N Shop experience for  all of the Colorado SC members to come celebrate the launch of the Becoming Fearless Podcast. Let me back up a few step here... Alyssa and I didn't know each other before all of this, and now we are sisters for good. Our event took place on May 9th 2017  at the amazing Fab'rik Denver, on the day of the Launch! 

Meeting Alyssa Virtually was a lot of fun, two strangers coming together to plan an event for a group of other strangers!! Sounds Crazy right... well all craziness aside it was so rewarding to plan an event that in my opinion was one of the best events I have gone to. I loved meeting a group of diverse local bloggers, all starting out and in the stages of building their brands. I gotta say Alyssa and I did plan a pretty nice event as complete strangers and now complete sisters. When I met Alyssa the night of the event to set up, it was like I had known her forever! 

This was over all such a fun experience planning and utilizing the tools that SC has given to reach out to companies to make this Launch party possible. Huge thanks to Fab'rik owner Leslie Clay for being an amazing VIP party hostess. Along with your three beautiful stylist. Fab'rik was our venue of choice. Leslie provided light appetizers and beverages to sip and snack on while we shopped and enjoyed the Launch of the new podcast. Leslie also gave all of the girls 20% off while we shopped that night! I walked away with a bag full of goodies I can't wait to post the products in future posts.
I was able to reach out to another local boutique Patterns and Pops to ask if they would donate their signature DNVR tees.... and they did! I was so thrilled that myself as well as all of the other girls were going to get the super cute DNVR tees.

Leslie has some amazing contacts as well being a boutique owner she was able to get great goodies for the girls bags as well.
Fab'rik- hosting the event, 20% while shopping and a coupon for 20% off one thing next time, a rockstar coupon to host another event with her, a Fab'rik luggage tag, a Fab'rik compact brush/mirror, a Fabulina bracelet.

 Blush Studios- 1 free week of Barre
Cycle Bar- 1 free ride (water bottle and sunglasses)
Glamour Bar- $20 gift card (lip gloss)
Core Power Yoga- 1 free week

Alyssa was able to reach out to a hand full of companies to put our goodie bags together for all of the girls.

Ankit : pencil case and planner
Beauty for real- Lipgloss (which is awesome.. it is a lipgloss with a light and a mirror and it plumps) Mine was in the color Starlust
Everlyoak- 40% coupon with free earrings
Leanne Grace- Body butter & Miracle Beauty oil serum
Senita Athletics- water bottle and 10% off coupon

I would say this was a very humbling experience overall. I was able to meet local bloggers that are all so beautiful in each individual way, as well as share information about branding etc. I am very proud of the event and how Alyssa and I were able to pull it all together and become a family and friends now.

Thanks to Jenna Sparks for photographing our event the pictures turned out phenomenal

I can't wait to plan another event in the coming months.

Earrings- 7 Charming Sisters (thanks to 7CS for providing my earrings, I was able to wear them to my event)
Bracelets- BPDThe Styled Collection
Louis Vuitton- LV

I created a Geotag for our event on Snapchat!!

The Amazing Leslie Clay!!

Rose gold letter Balloons can be purchased here,
all templates provided by Style Collective, Pod cast bio and what is SC all compliments of Style collective.