Green Beauty~ My First Facial

Back in April my self and another local blogger Char Linhard were given the opportunity to go to Vert Beauty to get facials for Earth Day since Denver Style Magazine was doing a segment on Green Beauty for Earth Day. Well.... Char and I went to Vert Beauty and of course when we arrived the poor owner was home with a sick little one and wasn't able to reschedule us due to Earth Day approaching,  unfortunately at the time only one estetician was on so only one of us could get a facial. Char was nice enough to let me get mine that day and she was going to go back and get hers at a later date. It worked out, she was able to snap great photos of my experience for blogging purposes, and the hope is that she will get to go back and have a nice spa facial for her self.

Char and I are both contributors for Denver Style Magazine, we have both been able to post on the DSM blog as well as get this awesome opportunity. I bet you are all thinking holy moly Earth Day has been long gone for a month now, well you are right. I was given the opportunity to go get this great facial so I could write about my expierence, well Char and I composed this post so it could go live on the DSM website for Earth Day, but due to a couple key people having to leave for family reasons. Our post wasn't ever posted. DSM still hasn't found replacement people, and I feel like I need to be fair and post this better late then never. This is my honest and genuine review and thoughts about my facial and Vert Beauty.

VERT Beauty; a tranquil beauty boutique tucked quietly in the Highlands where any face would love to visit for a purifying nature walk. Founded by Amanda Hume in 2013, this charming getaway has become the headquarters for green beauty offering natural and organic products and green services. An oasis welcoming everyone for soothing facials, waxing, makeup consultations, and skincare, and a true sanctuary for whole-plant and non-toxic remedies for men and women of all different skin types. With their strong emphasis on offering the best products and services for green health and beauty, we felt it perfectly fitting to learn more about their beauty boutique for Earth Day!We visited VERT Beauty this week and they treated DSM Blog Contributor Delayna Denaye to one of their signature facials! 
 The green beauty method is a true science, each step with a specific intention to enhance and purify the skin:FACIAL PROTOCOL1. Opening Aromatherapy - Vert Beauty Lavender Essential Oil2. Oil Cleanse/Makeup Removal - Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser: Silky blend of biocompatible oils and esters cleanses the skin and removes makeup without stripping the skin's natural moisture barrier.3. Cleanse - Dr. Alkaitis Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser: Gently sloughs off old skin cells and keeps skin moist & soft with organic olive oil, organic shea, organic jojoba, organic coconut, organic sesame, and herbal complexes rich in vital nutrients for your skin.4. Exfoliation with Steam - One Love Organics Brand New Day Microderma Scrub & Masque: Organic sweet pea flour, pineapple enzymes and kaolin clay pull out impurities, clearing and softening the skin.5. Hydrating Facial Mist - May Lindstrom Jasmine Garden: Hydrating scents of jasmine, vanilla, and ylang-ylang.6. Extractions7. Tone - Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Toner: Protects the skin and refines pores with the help of organic grape alcohol from the fermentation of organically grown grapes!8. Facial Massage - Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex: Facial oil rich in essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that balance and transform the skin.9. Mask Treatment - Dr. Alkaitis Universal Mask: Packed with nutrients! Therapeutic health food for the skin. It rejuvenates, calms, and nourishes the skin with a sea vegetable complex and vegetable protein blend.10. Shoulder, Neck, & Scalp Massage11. Gua Sha Facial Massage with Rose Quartz and Serum - Laurel Whole Plant Organics Anti-Inflammatory Serum: Promotes healing, reduces signs of inflammation, soothes dry patches, treats broken capillaries, and reduces redness and breakouts all with a whole plant blend of Chinese skullcap, licorice, chamomile and astragalus.12. Moisturize - Laurel Whole Plant Organics Facial Balm - Transform Daily: Whole plant blend of calendula, comfrey, gotu kola, nettle, and chamomile to calm the skin and encourage cellular turnover. Oils like sandalwood, neroil, and carrot seed soften and plump the skin.13. Eye Treatment - One Love Organics Vitamin E Eye Balm: vitamin E, organic shea butter, pomegranate and sea kelp firm and hydrate the eye area.14. Lip Treatment - CV Skinlabs Restorative Skin Balm: 100% natural, non-petrolatum, balm for dry and chapped skin.15. Closing scalp massage, leg compressions[All of these products would be similar to the products used in the VERT Deluxe Facial]Review from DSM Blog Contributor Delayna Denaye:"After receiving the Deluxe facial from Shelley, I instantly wanted to schedule another one! The Deluxe facial was a treat, and I would say worth every minute of it. Shelley took the time to explain the facial process, along with what products were being used. Shelley is very knowledgeable about all of the skin care lines that VERT carries and has to offer. Any questions or concerns I have about my skin, Shelley was able to suggest a product. I find the plant-based products so intriguing!The whole spa facial was very relaxing from start to finish. Even a day after and my skin still feels amazing! My skin is very sensitive and I have to be careful of what I put on my skin. This facial did not fall short of clean and green!"
We also spent time with Founder Amanda Hume afterwards to learn more about VERT and the green beauty trend:
Char & Delayna: What is the meaning behind the VERT name and how long have you been open in Denver?
AmandaVERT means "green" in French. We have been open since 2013. I have been a make-up artist for most of my career; from regional make-up artist to national make-up artist. I remember thinking, "There has to be a better way of looking good and feeling good and using better products..." So I started experimenting and making my own products at home with natural ingredients. I researched natural and luxurious products and wanted to open a boutique to share this knowledge with others. And then we eventually added spa [facial and waxing] services.
Char & DelaynaWhat is the difference between a "green" service vs. a standard service?
Amanda: Most people want to "strip their skin" clean when they go in for a facial. But natural and organic products, when used appropriately do not require harsh treatment to create great skin. You do not have to go the chemical route. For example, we use honey wax and blue wax and it is more environmentally friendly.
Char & DelaynaWhat is the importance of using "green" products and services? And how does it benefit women's skin?Amanda: Well it's the same thing as asking, "Why buy organic food?" It's simply better for you. Why would you not buy a better product for your skin? Same as buying better food to put into your body.
Char & DelaynaWell said! Do you think that the "green" trend will soon overpower the spa/beauty industry?
AmandaYES! It is blowing up right now! When we started, we carried 25 lines of products and now we have 60! People send us samples all the time. It's quickly becoming a staple. Nordstrom and Sephora just launched a green beauty section.
Char & DelaynaWhat is one green product that you wish every girl knew about?
AmandaI think a lot of girls are scared of facial balm. I would definitely recommend facial balm, especially in Colorado since it is so dry here. People need to think of it as a moisturizer. And you should ALWAYS wear sunscreen out here! Hydrosol sprays will rehydrate your skin and you can spray it on top of makeup. Using body oil on damp skin is great too!
Char & DelaynaWould men also benefit from green products and services?
AmandaFor sure! We have an entire shelf that is dedicated to men. Most of our products are uni-sex, but we carry some that are specific to men. Most men struggle to even wash their face but they can benefit just as much as women! I just got my husband to start washing his face.
Char & DelaynaDoes "green" automatically mean more expensive?
AmandaLuckily no. Just like anything, there is a wide price range. We have $12 cleansers and we have $100 cleansers. It depends on your budget and what you would like to accomplish with your skin. There is such a wide ballpark of different products! Affordable or expensive, you will still get the great ingredients and benefits for your skin.

(these no longer pertain, however I wanted to include them since I thought they contribute towards such an awesome cause)
Char & DelaynaEarth Day is coming up! Will you be offering any specials for Earth Day? (Saturday, April 22)
AmandaYes! We will be offering 10% off purchases of $100, 15% off purchases of $150, and 20% off purchases of $200. Additionally, 3% of ALL sales will be donated to Denver Urban Gardens which will help fund the garden at Edison Elementary School. Tata Harper brand will also be offering mini facials!

Vert Beauty's upcoming events:

Authored by: Char Linhard & Delayna Denaye
Photographed by: Char Linhard