Fit Friday

Happy #fitfriday or #flexfriday either way its FRI-YAY!! I am doing a Friday post as often as possible that will be fitness or health related, I want to devote and dedicate one day a week to health and fitness!! I am going to be sharing recipes, favorite fitness routines, communities I am apart of, and I will take you on my fitness journey. 

I am constantly trying new diets, new fads with dieting. I know what works for me... eating 900 calories and working out 3 hours a day!! But, lets just say that is not realistic nor is it fun. I am constantly going to events, or entertaining with friends and family so dieting is always placed on hold, and as you know when a diet is placed on hold time and time again the pounds start to pack on. I always do the complete opposite and start to work out and get back in shape just right before summer! I swear I love the competition of seeing how much stress I can put on myself in a short period of time to lean down. (eye rolls) My ideal weight is definitely 50 pounds lighter than I am. I like to be in the low 100s if possible thats when my clothes fit the best and when I feel the best. I try not to step on the scale as it can be very overwhelming. I do like to spot check to see where I am at but I don't fixate on the number to much. I just know about what size I like to be and how I feel. I am only 5'3" so weight definitely doesn't carry well when I start to gain too much. I will take you along with me these next weeks leading up to my trip I plan to take and show you what I am doing to keep track of meals, meal prep, work outs and just good ole fitness motivation. 

One of the things that I love the most about fitness, is being able to do yoga and meditate and stretch. Its amazing how much yoga benefits our bodies. I notice when I don't do yoga consistently my flexibility lacks. Anyone knows that I am a very sarcastic person and can be pretty witty, so when I saw this mat I just had to have it. If you are easily offended I apologize it is all in good fun. I found this mat at Ankit LLC ... they have a bunch of really funny witty things.

Do you have any recipes you want to share or that are your go to when dieting? do you have any accounts you follow to help you get motivated? Do you have anything that you need to see or do to motivate you? 

The best motivation for me is new workout gear!! I love new clothes to get fit in!! I can't say any one motivates me online, because I can't trust that the people online are really being honest with what they sell in the fitness industry. I love new workout gear and I love motivational quotes, oh and also a great workout partner to motivate me to work harder! I can't sit and watch videos or look at pictures and get motivated. 

Fridays I will share my fitness journey, healthy recipes, fitness communities, motivational quotes.

This week to kick off the #fitfriday posts I am sharing with you one of my loves...well two.. Yoga and   My Frenchie "Moose"

I pulled out this mat to do some stretching to work on my flexibility and this little one decided to come do some upward dog with me!! 

I typically mix some perfect fit protein powder in my coffee in the mornings before I workout, gives me a little pick me up, and its one meal taken care of for the day!!

Yoga pants- Lululemon
Mat- Ankit
Mug- Ankit

All of the pictures with Moose clearly were of me not working out any longer. When one or both dogs come out to workout aka crawl all over me that means I am done! (I typically have to workout when they are outside or if I am in our gym in the house that I can lock myself in) Otherwise I get to French men crawling all over me trying to help me with my workouts. 

Thanks to Ankit for supplying the mug and mat for this post!