Chambray All Day!

Hey babes!! Happy Thursday!! I hope you are finishing up the work week strong!! Well today in good ole Colorado we are expecting a Winter Storm to come ... (eye rolls) go figure just when I think I can start pulling out my dresses for the warmer months... think again! The weather is getting worse and worse here every year! and the Seasons are changing.

 This state has all four seasons and it used to be so predictable month to month you would be able to know what to wear and for how long. Not any more you can have all four seasons in one day here now. I can't say I am surprised with the news that we are in a weather ALERT! There goes all of the beautiful flowers people have planted!! I decided to not plant this year, I was so devastated on how much money I spent on a garden and flowers last year only for them all to get ruined. I chose not to do it this year! I think I am honestly going to go buy a bunch of fake outdoor flowers and put those in pots instead. 

Any who.. on to this outfit!! I have loved this color combo so much, I may have it on repeat soon!!

Any fun plans for the weekend? I only get one day off this weekend, so I will be busy full of family and hope to get caught up on blog duties. 
Tank- Apricot Lane boutique ( can't find it on their website) But Same brand and tank at Nordstrom
Necklace- Love always (mine is the 3xl in gold)
Chambray top- Old Navy (mine is not available anymore)
Jeans- Nordstrom
Bag- Nordstrom

Thanks To Spenser Chambers Photography for taking these photos. She is awesome!! Love her work!