Black on Grey

Hey all!! I have been trying to stay afloat with blogging and meeting deadlines!! I went out of state for about 6 days and that backlogged me on getting my work done here on the home front. I happen to get back home Tuesday morning and slept for a few hours then went to work my 13 hour day Tuesday at the hospital.  I of course have been trying to get my post done for an upcoming secret I plan to tell you all about. which has taking my entire day Wednesday. "Today"and now am about to wrap up and get ready for tonights concert! I will work my scheduled shift at the hospital Thursday, plan to attend the Rockies home Opener on Friday and work at the hospital again on Saturday. So if that wasn't confusing enough, I have had no time to get anything accomplished around the house, such as laundry and other projects that need to be wrapped up. I keep up with my instagram account much better than my blog these days which will eventually change! My blog will be my baby and I can't wait to get my schedule locked in place with consistent posts, that are all ready to be posted ahead of time, that way if I leave the state I am not backlogged. I am sorry if you all have been waiting for the details of this outfit, since I have had it up on my instagram for the past few days!! I have linked similar if not the same items below! I can't wait to check in with you all this next week to tell you all about how this week finishes out!!

Sweater My exact sweater is from Inspyre Boutique but you can get a similar herehere
Watch Michael Kors- mine is here
Bracelet TSC
Rings here