Athleisure + Sequins

Happy Tuesday Babes! I am writing to you with excitement about this outfit I am in love with!! I wore this to a brunch and around the mall and to run some errands and I do have to say... These pants are meant to be baggy not fitted like mine are. Of course every time I order from a boutique I order a size or two up, because I am not petite, I am voluptuous and curvaceous. I have a big booty and thicker thighs always have, since I was a little girl I have had thunder thighs and a booty. I have a nickname only my family calls me that relates to these characteristics about me. Maybe one day I will share it with you all. Not only am I curvaceous on my bottom half I too, have big tata's. Shopping is a love hate relationship I have! I see all sorts of things that I just love and want to wear but can't because of my body type.

 A little side note, my eyes are squinty in all of these photos, my eyes are very sensitive to light. Even when it is overcast, like it was when these photos were taken.

 These Joggers I feel are meant for skinny/petite, not so curvy women. I made them work. I am currently eyeing some other joggers that I can make my own for a future post. 
I don't know if anyone has ever worn sequins- whether it be a shirt, skirt, jacket.... much less joggers. Well let me give you my honest review on these joggers. I will be taking these bad boys to my tailor to have her add a similar color fabric in the "crotch" area. I don't now if its just me but since my thighs touch, I will rub every last sequin off of the "crotch" area. Not to mention the pilling is unreal in that area as well. I will be walking the mall and my legs will literally get stuck together. How embarrassing. I felt like I had to walk completely different in these. BOO! These are super fun and I plan to fix the crotch area so they are much more manageable to walk in. Now as far as the lining goes, these joggers are super comfy and soft to wear which is surprising. I have a sequin jacket from a few years past that is not as comfortable to wear. I think these joggers step up any athleisure game! I love adding a girlie side to my sporty character. I have always been a huge fan of workout clothes and would live in them everyday, but I love all other aspects of fashion as well. So this outfit is just the right dose of sporty and feminine. I will include similar style in the widget below, in case my specific pieces of out of stock.
I hope everyone is starting the week off strong. I have a busy long week ahead of me. work work work! I hope to get my Chicago blog up this week fingers crossed by Saint Patricks day!! Its only fitting that I celebrated St Paddy's day in Chicago!

Shirt Fabrik Boutique Z Supply 
Joggers Vici Collection Mine here Similar here and here
Sneakers Foot Locker Nikes
LV Bag LV Store Here
Earrings Nordstrom Here
Necklace  The Styled Collection Here