Herringbone & Hunter


Snow days!!! I love it when it snows, however I hate driving in the snow because everyone else doesn't know how to drive in the snow. I hope everyone is off to a good start this week! It is Officially  Hump day!! Happy Wednesday!! I hope everyone gets lots accomplished this week! I have two more days of working at the hospital then I will have the nice long weekend off. I hope to get out and shoot some more outfit posts, so I can share some more of my daily inspiration with you all, as well as I  hope to get some good snowshoeing in!! I haven't been up this year. I used to hike rain, shine or snow(snowshoe) and so I know that I want to start my hiking back this year and hike lots. Even with the crazy Colorado weather!! 

I don't make new years resolutions to start on Jan 1st because they set me up for failure (every year I do there is something that sets me back), this weekend I plan to also sit down and write out some thoughts as to how I plan to live out this new year. I plan to set small goals and big goals, not necessarily resolutions. I can't wait to share my life of Fashion, step-kids, and everything else that goes with it this year!!

I hope everyone finishes out there work week, school week, mommy week Strong!!