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Wear White after Labor Day

It's that time of year again. Where the days get shorter and the sun goes to bed early. Anyone else feels like they have a slight seasonal depression every year? I definitely do! I go into work when it is dark out and I get out of work when it is dark out so it can be very depressing never seeing the sun. I have always felt more productive later at night before I go into work the next day, I haven't figured out why? I tend to reorganize and make lists and get distracted around the house before I can sit and get work done with my blog. I don't think that is a seasonal thing, I tend to get things on my list accomplished and in the meantime add more things that prevent me from finishing my current list at hand and delaying those things, while I accomplish the things newly added to the list.  When the weather is yucky out all I want to do is lay around and watch Lifetime movies and eat snacks haha. Plus, we usually have a lot of rain and snow in late Fall and Winter which makes so many days so dark and dreary. 

Style Triage: What the Gingham Style

Hey Babes! Happy Tuesday!! How was everyone's weekend? I was keeping bae company while he traded in his truck in for a more eco-friendly truck. I, of course, didn't get any of my much-needed tasks done. I tend to do that. I want to be in the moment all of the time or any chance I get to spend with Bae and not have any distractions I will always take. 

Cute Gingham Pants Outfit

Gingham Pants featured by popular Denver fashion blogger, Delayna Denaye
Happy October!! Have you all have your fair share of Pumpkin everything? or are you waiting for your fix?