Five Festive Dresses for the Holidays

Hey Babes tis the season to play dress up! I have put together 5 of the dresses I will be choosing from this holiday season, to wear to holiday parties and family get togethers! Be sure to scroll to through this post to pick from 5 festive dresses for the Holidays! With one of these dresses you will be sure to be dressed for the occasion: whether it be a holiday party, a work event, a family get together or to wear grocery shopping! (insert laughing emoji)

Thanksgiving, Christmas and NYE are all approaching us! We all want to be comfortable during the holidays and during our events and parties. All five of the dresses I have shared are easy to move and dance in, as well as eat and enjoy food and festivities.

I feel like the holidays don't always have to be so cliche and only wear reds and golds. I love to mix all trends for fall and holidays. I am all about comfort and how versatile a piece can be. Any of these dresses can be worn from morning to night! I have worn all of these dresses to events and they all definitely let you breath and be comfortable, all while being dressed for the occasion.

be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for the links to my outfit, as well as some alternatives!!

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15 Different Black dresses

Bracelet 1,2,3

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This widget has 15 different wine/plum color options

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This widget is 15 floral dresses

Clutch (my exact one)

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This widget is 15 sweater dresses to rock during the holidays

Dress- Mine is from Fab'rik
Bracelet 1,2,3

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This widget is 15 different tank dresses to layer

This widget has all of the miscellaneous pieces to add accordingly to these dresses