Beaded Scarf Making a Statement

Happy MonYAY! I hope everyone has an awesome week this week. I have been working the past five days straight including today (Monday) at the hospital so I am exhausted! Does anyone else need an extra day in the week??!! I need a day where I can just sleep all day and turn my brain off that won't take away from the days I have designated to tasks and errands and deadlines. I am currently looking for a PR person, as well as a social media assistant. If anyone has any recommendations or contacts they would be willing to share please send them my way. I would love to talk about hiring someone. (they would be paid)

 I have a busy week planned this week! 

Monday: Working my Fifth shift at the hospital
Tuesday: Photoshoot and tons of emails and prepping to do for upcoming events
Wednesday: My Birthday (dirty 30) ahhh scary!!Some pamper me time and shopping of course

Wednesday I will have my birthday Post live!! I can't wait to share my story and how I made it to 30!! (the second Wednesday of the month I do TBLxDD with my blogger bestie normally, but since it is my birthday we have postponed till next Wednesday!) Thank you Alyssa for being so accommodating on my special day! MUAH MUAH

Fridays Post I hope to get one of the first Fitness related posts up, sharing my first recipe that I just live for!!

I wanted to give you all the scoop, if anything changes you will see it here, front and center. 
Now, lets jump into this amazing scarf and heels!! I love them both so much! I can't wait to challenge myself with wearing them more this fall!! Does anyone else find themselves purchasing one hit wonder pieces? What I mean by that is, do you buy pieces that you literally could only wear once or with a certain thing? I do and now I am trying to transition those pieces of mine into more outfits and make them more a staple than just a one time wear. That being said, I will be trying to style this scarf as well as these heels in more than just this post.
Thank you for reading!! I will catch you in the next post!!

Scarf- Mine is from Fab'rik can't get the same one here, similar here
Tank- Target similar here
Jeans- Mine are from Old Navy- my DIY is here, similar ones here
Bag- Mine is from Vici
Bracelets- The Styled Collection and here
Watch- Michael Kors