Floral Maxi Romper

Happy Monday Babes! I have been obsessed with maxis, these days and I of course love rompers as well. 

Now let me stop and get on my little soap box about why I don't wear them all of the time!
I love how simple and mindless these are to pull out of your closet and throw on and grab so accessories and you are all set. Well, yes! If you are average height! I might need to remind every one that on a good day I am standing at a whooping 5 foot 3 inches, needless to say that most maxis are way too long for me, and most rompers never fit because I have a big booty and big tatas! I always set myself up for failure when it comes to ordering all of these cute rompers and maxis online. I buy them and when I get them they never fit perfectly like I want. My boobs are huge so when I wear a flowy dress the fabric has to be just right other wise it looks like I am about 24 months pregnant. If the fabric is structured it may fit in one area and not in the other. I always end up having to order a large and then I have to have it altered to fit me, add rouging and elastic to fit my curves better and take in areas that there is too much fabric and shorten the dress. Sometimes I send it back, and a lot of the time I don't want to send it back because it is so cute that I want to try to make it work. So that being said, I have a closet full of maxis and none of which are perfect for my liking. 

This maxi/romper I love! I love how I am able to wear shorts (the romper part) and have the Maxi part on the sides and back to cover up my booty, and to make sure I am all held in! Now the shorts on this maxi are way short for my taste, I am going to have fabric added to the bottom of the shorts that compliment the dress! Second, I also love that this dress is a wrap style, and ties so I can tie it as tight or loose as I want it. the down fall of that is, the front is wayyyy too low cut for my liking. So I will have fabric added to the front to hide my tatas better! I of course am fortunate enough to have a clothing designer in the family, so when she is able to tailor my clothing she does! 

Being shorter and curvy definitely can be costly, since I have to alter most of my clothes, I get to make them just how I want when I do make changes. 

I hope you all have an awesome week!
Maxi Romper- Vici
Earrings- Bauble Bar
Watch- Michael Kors
Bag- CultGaia (mine is the large)
Heels- Sam Edelman

ps: don't mind the impressions on my feet, I was wearing strappy heals before this photo shoot!

Thanks To Jenna Sparks Photography for taking these photos