Camo + Chambray

Happy Tuesday!! Today was a chore day for me!! Cleaning and organizing. Does any one else start to organize something and make piles all over the place, then when you start to put your piles away you start organizing what ever that pile was supposed to go to? For example, I started to finish up laundry folding clothes and started to put them away and as I started to do so, I noticed Dreamy's closet was a mess, so I started to organize it for him, he had stuff that goes down stairs in our gym so I went to take the workout pieces downstairs and then got side tracked and started organizing the gym. (eye rolls) ugh! I swear I start projects on projects and then want to organize everything and waste my entire day organizing and being OCD and then completely miss a day to relaxing or getting what truly needs to be done completed! I guess I am doing okay on time now. I was able to wake up and grab my coffee, go get my plates renewed! I then went to my fave boutique Inspyre, and grabbed lunch after. I am now home making messes all over the place!

I have my closet to go through, more laundry, a few orders to place, I need to prep my meals for when I work the end of the week, I will try to get a spray tan, I need to work out (tonight its yoga night!) Dreamy and I did the incline and I have been so sore and stiff that I need to do some serious stretching and yoga will do the trick.... I swear the more I am home I find more projects and things to organize and reorganize over and over. I buy new things to organize spaces in the house because, we are all growing our collections of CRAP! So I am having to upsize our storage containers or I will purge and need smaller organizers. It is a vicious cycle, does any one else have this problem?

I can't wait to take over one of the rooms upstairs and transform it into a walk in closet aka my dream closet. I have no room for my clothing right now. I have exhausted every spare space.

I hope everyone is having and awesome week so far!!

I can't wait to share my week with you, I will check back soon for a full update!! Good things are coming!! 

Chambray Similar here here 
Camo Mine 
Necklace  Mine BaubleBar 
Watch Mine 
LV Bag Mine
Rings Similar here my stack is a bunch of single rings
Jeans Mine are Old Navy, similar here here