A Whole Lotta Terra-Cotta

Happy Monday all! My mission as I am sure you have read in my previous posts is to finally get my new year started. I have finally switched to working during days!! Yippee!! This is exciting, because now this means I get to start working out either before or after work, most likely before since when I get off of work I am dead tired. This also means I will start prepping my foods again so I will be back on track with eating clean and not a bunch of garbage.  This outfit that I am wearing is a favorite for transitioning to Spring, I have my cutout sweater, and my white skinnies (which I love) I will most likely be wearing my white jeans all spring and summer. I am not much for skirts or shorts so when I wear them take note because it is not often. I tend to get cold easily so its not uncommon for me to wear layering pieces in the summer time too. I find that a lot of places crank the A/C so I end of freezing inside and its warmer outside. Any how, I hope you can get some inspiration from this outfit!! As always I will list the pieces I am wearing, so you can get your own or very similar if items have sold out. Be sure to always check back, because if a piece is sold out I tend to go back and edit my posts if it comes back in stock.

I hope you all have a lovely week and comment below your favorite ways to transition to spring!!

Monogram Necklace: Mine is here- 3XL
Sweater: Mine is from Vici Collection But it is no longer in stock. Similar here
Booties: Mine are here
Watch: Mine is here
Bracelets: Abbott Cuff and BPD (mine is sold out- linked a similar one)
Rings: Similar Here
Wristlet: Mine is here