Turks & Winter Whites

Outfit Details:// Denim Jacket // Drap Tank top // Turquoise Necklace // MK Watch // Rockstar Jeans // Similar booties here // Similar here (my booties are from a few years ago)// Kendra Scott Earrings // Augustus Cuff // Screw and Lock Bracelet // Ring // LV Bag //

 Hey Babes!! How is everyones week going?! Happy Hump Day! We are mid way through the week and of course my work week is just about to get started! I swear I live on a separate planet from everyone! Working nights is killer when you have a family, and want to eat right, and work out on a regimented plan, and sleep when normal people sleep. I am counting down the days till I will be back on this planet of day shift!! I can't wait, my life I hope will go back to how it used to be with my consistent meal planning and daily work outs and my normal sleep patterns and normalcy with blog posts. I post when everyone is fast asleep, and when I finish my post is when I go to bed and the rest of the world is waking up to read this!!

enough of my soap box rant...

I just die when I wear this necklace! is it not the greatest turquoise necklace ever?!! I just love it. I have many loves- Turquoise, denim, camo, monochromatic (black, white, grey, tan, cream), statement jewelry, mens style watches. Lets just say I love most everything, but I find myself always going for the baggy shirt or tank and a chambray top/denim jacket with stretchy jeans or black leggings. I top my outfits off with the more jewelry the better!! And I would say that is pretty much my uniform!

I am all about breaking the rules with wearing white after Labor Day too! Does any one else have this problem of collecting the same thing whether it be a favorite style tank or Tee and buy it in every color or multiple of the same color?! Well, I do! I swear I find a tank such as this one I am wearing and I buy it off the shelf. I purchased enough of the black version to wear one every day of the week as well as the grey and white to go with it. I can't resist when a fabric is perfect and the fit as well. This becomes a very expensive habit of mine, going for one basic to owning 2346876429 basics. What can I say, I work hard for what I want so no one else has to for me!

Lets get in to the details of this outfit shall we!! I have added the direct links to the pieces I am wearing throughout this post. The items I am wearing as well as similar items are listed in the scroll bar at the bottom of this post!

Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful week!!