Espresso then Prosecco

Outfit Details:// Denim Jacket //I have linked more options at the bottom of this post! Espresso then Prosecco Tee // Espresso then Prosecco Tee Similar here  // Black go to Leggings // Booties- Similar here and here and here // Michel Kors Watch // Fringe Bracelet // Stevie Cuff // Stud Earrings - Similar here // LV Bag // I have listed all of the makeup products as well as nail polish in the scroll bar below!! Be sure to check them out!!

Hey all!!! I had Mc Dreamy snap some pictures of me before we went out for sushi night!! I think we might get more pictures out of our garage lighting since these pictures turned out fairly decent!! 

Does anyone else have a certain spot you take all of your blog pictures? I would love to hear it! I have a full time job, so blogging is my passion and what I would love to do but unfortunately it too is another full time job, so I am trying my very best to get posts up and establish a routine. 

I have Bae that needs to be taken care of as well as two kiddos that need to and from sports and school or friends houses. In addition I am working night shift as an ICU nurse so I am balancing my sleep in addition to all of my responsibilities as a step parent. 

I plan to get posts up consistently, once I have a photographer, that can take my photos for me I will be able to schedule more posts, but as of now my posts are not pre planned they are posted as pictures come! I am as real as it gets right now. I don't plan out my posts for the month like most bloggers do, I post as the days go on. I am sure that will change and I will be able to pre plan. So that being said sorry for those of you that are anxiously waiting for the next post. Once I have a set schedule with my blog you will be the first to know when new content is coming out. I plan to make my posts more consistent. Thanks to my little Brody, Bae, Jules and Nicole who all currently have taken all of my photos for my Instagram and blog. None of these people are professional photographers, but I think they all have done pretty darn good, especially shooting behind an iPhone 6!! 

I am hoping that come February things will change as I switch back to a day schedule and have some normalcy and not have to juggle and schedule sleep. 

Big things are to come! I appreciate you all being patient and baring with me as I learn the ropes of blogging and what it takes!! 

So as for now, I thought I would share my Sushi night outfit!! Tuesdays have become my only night off that I get adult time, no kids just Bae and I so its always a night I look forward to. No cell phones, no social media, just us!! Anyone else have pre planned adult date night every week? if so what do you do with your hunny? 

I hope you all enjoy and until next time..